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Safety Tips in Painting Everyone Should Know

As much we want to ignore it, there is often a form of risk in every activity we get involved in, some of which could lead to life-threatening conditions. As such, it is expedient to always apply safety measures in all our activities, no matter how safe we consider it to be.

The following safety tips would guide the painter and occupants of a house/office on what you to do to stay out of danger, during and after a paint job.


Always read the product label

Every good product should have a label that provides information about the product. Some of the information should include guides on how to use or store the product, as well as warnings about harmful materials it might contain.

Reading the label gives you information on the product and how to interact with it.


Store paints appropriately

Most products commonly say, “Store out of the reach of children,” but adults too should be cautioned. Storing paints in the wrong areas could lead to unpleasant situations.

Keep paints away from the pathway or corridor. You don’t want anyone tripping over the buckets and pouring out the content. This can be chaotic.

Also, solvents are inflammable and shouldn’t be kept under a hot temperature or near an open flame.


Dispose of paint-soaked rags properly

Don’t leave rags that have been used to clean paints lying around. Just as solvents are inflammable, the misplaced rag poses a fire threat to wherever it is kept. Ensure that such rags are properly disposed where they will be of no threat to anyone.


Use protective equipment while painting

It is more like a common practice to see painters paint with their bare body and hands, in this part of the world.

We often forget that paints are not edible and contain materials that might not be suitable to sensitive parts of the body like the eyes, mouth and the skin. It is advisable to use protective gloves, vest, boots and face-mask, for protection.


Use good equipment

One of the very risky painting equipment is the ladder. This is because, if it is not in the right condition, it could pose a threat to the painter’s life. Be sure that the ladder is strong enough and not broken.

If the ladder you have is not long enough to reach a height, it is a safer to get a longer one than to stretch out so much, as you could lose your balance in the process. Also ensure that you use the right type of shoes when climbing the ladder.

For aluminium ladders, check that there are no oil or paint spillage, either on your shoes or on the ladder. Tripping off from a height could be really dangerous.


Keep room ventilated

Paints should not be inhaled. Always keep the room properly ventilated during the painting and afterwards, in order to avoid getting choked.

Strong paint odour is not suitable, especially where you have kids or people with health issues.

Safety measures apply to everyone. According to Mike Shavers, “No job is so important and no service is so urgent that we can’t take the time to perform it safely.” Stay safe with these tips.



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