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5 Painting No Nos You Must Avoid  

Painting your house is serious business, as such, there are some no-no’s involved when painting. While you might have seen a beautifully and tastefully done painting job in a place, and start to wish you could do exactly that in your home, you must understand that a lot of work has been put into achieving the finish you admire. Painting your house could be fun and exciting, but it can also become frustrating if, after all the hours of work put into it, the finished look is nothing close to what you expected or wanted. For a spectacular and satisfying finish, here are a number of things you should not do when you set out to paint that house.


For that perfect job, don’t be in a rush to start and finish. The best results are always gotten when a little patience is exercised. Painting can take days sometimes, depending on the mass of your canvass. Don’t get frustrated when it does, you will be happy with the end result.

 Painting over wallpaper

Try to remove all the wallpaper on the wall before painting. Do not paint directly over the wallpaper. If it is an old wallpaper that will not come off, soften loosen the glue with a wet rag or try using a steamer or a paper removal solution and scrape off carefully, after which you can then prime the wall. Sand and wipe the wall before priming for a perfectly smooth surface

Using cheap paints and paint brushes

It’s always best to splurge on quality paint for good reasons. It lasts longer, goes better with the wall and gives a much nicer colour than a cheap inferior paint. Consider the long haul. You will always be stuck with looking at your painted house. What would you rather like to see – a beautiful finish or a lousy, annoying paint job that is probably peeling or wearing off? The same goes for paint brushes. Cheap paintbrushes will start to shed their bristles faster than you would want. However, a quality brush will retain paint well and rub off well on the wall and also lasts you for as long as you need it to.

Not priming

A primer is your best friend. Ask a woman with a beautiful makeup on her face. Wall primers give the same effect as the one used in facial makeup. It sticks really well and fills up the pores in the raw material, and they are a lot cheaper than you think. So, instead of buying and using an extra coat of paint that would still probably give you a poor finishing, why not save more by buying and using a primer.

 Painting on rainy days

Humid and or rainy days are not the best time or weather for painting. Such a weather do not allow your painted walls to dry off quickly because you have to leave your windows closed when it’s raining. During these times, it takes long hours for your walls to dry completely and that may compromise the outcome of your painstakingly painting job. Opening your windows and doors allow for fresh air to come through, which then allows for your wall to dry off quickly, and for the smell of the paint too quickly wear off.

You don’t have to be so much of a professional painter to pull off an amazing wall painting. Steer clear of the above painting ‘no-nos’ and you’ll be on your path to a job well done.


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