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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Do you have a favorite color?  Do you find yourself always tilting towards a particular color sometimes without even trying? Have you ever wondered why you love such a color? Do you wonder what your favorite color speaks/says about you?There’s a psychology behind many of the things we do, and your love for a particular color is one of such things. Your favorite colors say a lot about your personality. According to ColorPsychology.com, colors stimulate our brains in specific ways, and our personal reactions to color, as well as the colors we are drawn to, can say a lot about you.

Here are a few colors and what they say about you if they are your favorite.


People who like black are usually deep thinkers who would rather stand out than fit in. They are careful with sharing the details of their lives. They like to give the appearance of mystery, which could also mean a suppression of inner desires and longings. Also, the color black stands for prestige and power. It is also the color of protection because it allows you to retreat from others to protect yourself from hurt or harm.


If you are a lover of the color blue, it may mean that you are cool, calm and able to stay composed in situations where others are frantic. Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky. It is often associated with serenity, peace, and tranquility. People who love the color blue are usually trustworthy, sensitive and considerate of others. They could also be a neat freak.


This color represents a playful nature. It is sweet, outgoing and happy most times. People who are into the color pink are big huggers, they are hardly ever angry, but can unleash their angry side when provoked. Pink lovers are usually nurturers. They love to take care of other people, and this makes them very lovable. They also have a deep need to be loved and accepted.


 Purple represents intuition, spirituality, compassion, and royalty. If you love purple, you are unique. You are a visionary and a good judge of character. It may also mean you take in things and feel them deeply.


Green is the color of nature. If you love green, chances are you are loyal, consistent and practical. It may mean you know how to draw others in without trying so hard. It could also suggest you take your reputation seriously and are genuinely interested in what others think of you. Green is often associated with equilibrium (harmony and balance). So, loving green could mean you always seek a balance in life.


 Lovers of color brown are not into extravagance and not usually into the ‘spur of the moment’ lifestyle. They are frugal, simple and comfortable. Brown represents stability, comfort, and acceptance. So, people who love brown are likely to be great partners to their spouse.

We are sure these color attributes have given you a little insight into yourself. However, we must remind that, for many individuals, this comes in combinations of two or more, and many tilts towards more than one color. Then, the good news is: if there are certain attributes you like or do not like, you can always work on yourself to imbibe or do without them. More so, when it comes to things like painting, paint brands like Santex Paints have been able to stock up a variety of over 1500 different colors, representing a combination of these attributes, from which you can make your pick.




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