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My Very Colorful End-of-Year

Looking around my house from my swivel chair that’s just at the corner of my living room, where my office space is, I realize it’s about time I showed my house some love. This has been my safe zone, my refuge, and source of comfort on days when all I wanted was to block off everything. This has been my sanity, my home. As I list out the grocery errand I would have to run in preparation for Christmas, I might as well include a visit to the Sandtex Experience Centre.

Shola had talked about the magical feel Sandtex paint gave to her house when she used it over a year ago. How right was she? The last time I visited her house, a few weeks ago, the magic had not died down. The walls still looked as though they were sprayed some love only a couple of days back. The paint must be as big a deal as Shola said it was.

In the spirit of the season and because I love the color red, I decided to opt for red. But, what colours best compliment red for an interior? That was the question I had in mind as I entered the nearest Sandtex Experience Centre, where I was handed a large colour wheel that had over 15,000 colours on it. The attendant was kind enough to explain the colours and how they work, especially when it comes to interior decoration/painting. I settled for red with a tinge of gold. Initially, I had mused the idea of doing the painting by myself. Who knows how it would have turned out?  Thank God I jumped for the offer of getting a professional painter to do the job for me.

I stare at the finished work and gobsmacked does not even come close to qualifying how I feel. The party I will be throwing for my friends in the next couple of days is going to be talked about for a very long time. The red and gold coloured walls give my large sitting room a feel of royalty. The lights on the Christmas tree and walls give the colours an even more cheery and happier feel. My cream coloured furniture and the red throw pillows that adorn my living room make the scenery appear like something from an expensive movie set.

My house is totally transformed and I am beyond impressed. This is going to be a very colourful year-end, thanks to Sandtex Paints.






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