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Hey! It’s All About The Vogue And The Trend

Trends are a reflection of the times in which we live, as well as the prevalent patterns of thought. Remember when boot cut and baggy jeans were a must for everyone? Sure you do! Those were the vogue and trends of those days. Though fashion trends come and go, they make the difference between the ordinary and the spectacular. In the house painting and decoration industry, though the transitions are a lot gentler, they make a huge difference and stand one home out from the other.

So, here are a few painting ideas and direction that are in vogue, and are currently trending at the moment. Good news is that, at Sandtex Paints, we’ve got you covered on all of these.

Hushed Hues

Painting the walls with calm, muted colours creates a safe environment to retreat to after a long day of hustling and bustling. Nowadays, this is a great way to go. The colours are still soft, which gives the whole room a peaceful ambience. If you want to achieve this, colours like our Crème de la Rose, Summer Kiss, Sweet Dreams, Aimee, Aspen Whisper and Pale Vermillion will do the magic.

Dark Tones

Deep colours create a cocoon-like feeling around the space. It gives off a feeling of introspection and security. Very suitable for bedrooms, the walls are painted in dark tones to compliment the dark coloured bed sheets. These colours are soulful and intimate, yet with a hint of drama. Our colours like Rebel, Bitter Chocolate, Coconut, Sierra and Stone Grey come recommended if achieving this ambience is your goal.

Indulge in Gem Shades

Bold, rich tones scream confidence and energy. Don’t be afraid to indulge. Choose bold colours inspired by gemstones like sapphire, emerald, ruby etc. and pair them with gold or silver metal accessories for that complete royalty and glamour feel. A visit to any Sandtex Experience centre would avail you of a range of gemstone like colours like speckled midnight blue and Grey Stone. You can’t go wrong with this.

Colour and Space Definition

A trending way to define your space is with the use of paint. Do you find your house still a mess even though you have cabinets that can take all the items? You can use the right paints to define your space. This sends a message to your brain for every time an item is out of place. It gives a distorted look and you are forced to arrange them immediately. Colour defines space in new ways. It visually anchors a desktop or bed to the wall, makes a dining space distinctive, or defines an entry. The magic is in the use of two contrasting colours like our Chartreuse mix and Midnight Navy, Spice Jar and Simple Duck egg, or Shocking Pink and Peekaboo Blue.

Fruity Colours

Ever walked into a home and you are met with walls the shades of the colours of fruits? Citrus fruits? This is a trending choice of colours for many, as it gives off the summer cool feel to walls. The strong tones also tap into a trend inspired by electro digital colours. While the fun shades of orange is the most popular, you can also flirt with tangerine and lime. These colours have a zesty appeal that can be used in any room, from the kitchen to the kid’s bedrooms. For this, you may try Sandtex citrus paint colours like Custard, Summer Yellow and Tibetan Gold.








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