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…Every Other Thing But The Colours In His Home
…Every Other Thing But The Colours In His Home

…Every Other Thing But The Colours In His Home

A home is where we return, after the hustle and bustle of each day. As such, nothing deserves as much attention as the place we call home. This statement aptly captures the outlook of Simon, a young man who can joke with every other thing but the colours in his home, giving rise to his penchant for repainting it on a pretty regular basis. According to Simon, “we wake up each day and wander from place to place, but the only place we can truly find peace and rest for our hearts is our homes,” and he typically breathes, sleeps, eats and lives every slice of these words.

Simon had an obsession for colours right from a tender age, which was carefully nurtured by his loving parents. He got his first watercolour paint as a birthday gift when he clocked three and, though he had no clue about what he was doing, kept mixing colours and splashing them on paper. The more he fed his subconscious mind with this, the more Simon became conscious of the colours around him. As he grew older, Christmas was always a period to look forward to because he got to assist his dad in choosing the colours to paint the walls, a ritual Simon’s parents performed every three years. After a while, his parents gradually left this decision to him and, trusting his instincts, he chose colours that got him accolades from them. But, like Oliver Twist, he always wanted to do more and play around with colours as much as he did on paper.

…Every Other Thing But The Colours In His Home

Simon never liked the colour his hostel wall was painted at the University and was even more annoyed that he was powerless and helpless in his plight. “When I have my home, it will be sparkling with colours at all times and not as boring as this” he muttered in disgust whenever he walked through the hostel walls. When he wasn’t studying, Simon was completely buried in a lifestyle magazine, traveling from page to page, musing over how the colours he stumbled upon suit his personality and cutting out pages with designs that piqued the colour receptors in his brain for keeps. On his social media accounts, a large chunk of the people he followed were interior designers of repute. Then, he spent the rest of his free time scrolling through amazing designs on his phone, a utopia of sort.

When Simon got his apartment after school, he finally had the freedom to express himself and wasted no time in pulling stunts from his stash of designs from magazine pages. As often as he replicated some of those colour designs on his wall, he went on to brag about it on his social media pages, and the likes would come pouring in. Simon found so much joy in discovering new designs and replicating them in the different parts of his home. His only limitation was that he could not get the exact colours he wanted and had to substitute them for look-alikes.

…Every Other Thing But The Colours In His Home

On a breezy evening, Simon was watching his favourite TV show when he came across an intriguing Sandtex Ad that captivated him with the statement “we have over 15,000 colours….” His creative mind spiked and, immediately, thoughts of the amazing things he could do with all those colours flooded his mind. Simon, in no distant time, got in touch with a Sandtex Experience Center. He was stunned by the array of Sandtex colours and its affordability. In excitement, he went on to reveal his obsession for colours to the representative that attended to him. Interestingly, he was also informed that, should he be unable to get a preferred colour in the pool of over 15, 000 colours, the Sandtex team will specially create any specific colour he wanted at any point in time.

Simon’s face was lit with joy at the sound of this, knowing he that he can now fulfil all his colour fantasies on his walls, whenever he deemed fit. After all, his home gives him the peace and happiness to push ahead in life. Besides, this discovery has given him the push he needed to dive fully into his painting consultancy business, which almost all of his friends and family have been nudging him on.

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