It is always a great idea to choose colour carefully when decorating, as different colours affect people in many ways, depending on gender, age and climate. Certain colours tend to get a similar reaction from most people, which may be due to variations in the shades or tones used.

Colours have a psychological effect on people and can influence any emotion from calmness to rage. To create a desired mood, it is necessary to know what colour stir up specific emotions.

The purpose and size of a room to be painted also help to determine what hues to select. For example, light colours make spaces appear expansive and airy, making rooms larger and brighter. Dark colours are sophisticated and warm, making large rooms appear cozy.


Time to take a closer look at some colours and learn what effects they have on people.


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Red has been shown to raise blood pressure and speed respiration and heart rate. It helps to draw people together and stimulate conversation, it is a good choice when you want to stir excitement and also stimulate appetite. It is usually considered to stimulating for bedrooms.

However, it can be used in living rooms, entryways or dinning room.




Yellow is a vibrant colour that signifies joy and happiness. It is a great choice for kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms. It can also be used in entries and small spaces to create an appearance of a bigger space.

Although yellow is a bubbly colour, it is not a good pick for the main colour scheme. In large proportions, It can stimulate a feeling of anger and frustration. Babies are also seen to cry more in yellow rooms.




Some hues of blue are known to have a calming effect when used as the main colour of a room. It is said to bring down blood pressure and slows respiration and heart rate. Due to their calming and relaxing effect, they are recommended for bedrooms and bathrooms. These hues include bright blues such as turquoise or teal blue and warm blue hues such as periwinkle.

Other darker hues of blue usually have the opposite effects, evoking feelings of sadness. So, it is not advisable to choose darker blues as your main colour scheme.




Green is such a cool colour that it is considered the most calming colour for the eye. It can be used in almost every room in the house. In the living room, it promotes togetherness and comfort, and in the bathroom, it has a relaxing effect.

Unlike yellow, green has a calming effect when used as a main colour for decorating and it is believed to relieve stress by helping people relax.




Orange is an energetic colour that evokes enthusiasm and excitement. Although, orange may not be a good choice as the main colour scheme in living rooms or bedrooms, it is great for exercising rooms as it evokes all the emotions needed to be released during a fitness routine.

If you are trying to decorate your home or parts of it, you can follow this colour scheme as a guide. Be sure to add a touch of your personality to your design and choose a hue that suits your lifestyle.


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