My online business was expanding and I knew I could no longer work from my bedroom so I decided it was high time I got a physical store. After so many months of saving, I was eventually able to secure an office space in one of the most popular shopping plazas in my area. I strategically opted for the shop situated close to the main entrance of the plaza, even though it was a little more expensive. I was so excited that I would finally have my own showroom where I can display my handmade cards, and gift items.

I moved into the shop immediately after I was handed the keys, I arranged my products and proceeded to flood my social media feeds and status with an outrageous number of pictures and videos. I mean, I had to spread the news of my newly acquired office address to the world. I imagined how customers would be trooping in and out of my store and how I would be constantly meeting up with their demands.

Two months went by with business not moving as fast as I thought it would, I still got about the same amount of orders online but no tangible sale from walk-in customers. I didn’t understand what was wrong, my store is basically in front of people’s faces and I know I have pretty beautiful gift items, so why am I not making as much sales as I should be? I decided to do a market survey to ascertain whether a competitor had recently opened a store close by.

I picked a day to carry out my investigation and decided to start with my plaza before going to other nearby shopping complexes. As I was scanning through the first floor of the three-storey of my plaza, my eye caught a dazzling blue vibe from the next shop, I could see the colour popping from afar. I moved closer to the shop and saw a painter scooping this paint from a Sandtex Paints bucket. The paint on the wall wasn’t even completely dry and it was already this catchy. I noted that shop and continued with my survey. On my way down from the upper floor, I decided to check on that shop that caught my attention and realized that a man had already started arranging products on shelves, I thought to myself, how I did the paint dry so fast? Was it some kind of magic?

To satisfy my curiosity, I decided to try out Sandtex Paints and wow! It was amazing. I could attest to the fact that it was aesthetically pleasing and no, there was no magic involved, it actually does dry fast. Soon after, more people began to notice my showroom, some even went as far as commenting on my wall paint. I started getting more walk-in customers and I felt like I had just fully settled in.

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