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Easy Steps To Cleaning Your Wall Paint

 How about having something new, more interesting, attractive or fashionable?

There is always this fresh feeling when things look new or more appealing, similar to the feeling when you just had your home or office painted or redecorated. The entire space begins to feel so sparkling clean and peaceful.

So how then can we easily achieve this? What do you do with the colour, food, dust, or mould stained walls?

Here are some really easy steps to cleaning those walls regularly and avoiding permanent marks that make your paint job last longer.


Easy guides:

  1. Start by dusting the walls with a soft brush, broom or vacuum cleaner. If the broom or brush has strong bristles, then you can tie a rag over it to stop the bristles from scratching your painted walls.


  1. Dust and loosen up the dirt on the surface. This can be cleaned with a dry sponge.


  1. Cover your furniture and other valuables that can be ruined with water. You can also place old cloths at the base of your walls, to absolve droplets of water.


  1. Put some clean water in a small bucket. Add a soft detergent to the water. Use a clean and dry towel to scrub the walls.


  1. You can also make your own wall cleaner by adding 3 tablespoons of lavender oil to a bucket of water and 2tsps of vinegar. Mix together and use as wall cleaner.


  1. Finally get another clean rag to clean your wall as you scrub.

sandtex_painted walls


There you have it!

Your walls will be as good as new. These easy steps will give you that new sweet feeling.

As easy as it is, not all paints are washable. Buy the right paint that would last as long as you desire.

Get Sandtex Paints and enjoy quality and durability, as you can clean, wash or scrub them without any troubles.

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