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5 Lapses You Must Avoid As A Painter

Painting is an art that thrives on the creativity of a painter. For most painters, it is a profession borne out of a passion and love for everything beautiful. Yet, for some others, it is simply a means to an end. How important is your profession to you and how professional do you want to get with it? If you have been considering ways of becoming more professional at what you do, it would equally do you good to strongly consider the following points.

Arriving later than scheduled    

One might wonder what late arrival would do to a paint job. The truth is that it won’t really do much to it, but it would definitely affect your career.  Early arrival shows professionalism and good attitude. If clients can’t count on your professionalism as a painter, your good work might begin to lose essence. You might need to make adjustments, if you are defaulting in this area.

Planning for a job without proper inspection of the space

This goes beyond formality; it is playing safe. It is dangerous to accept a job without properly inspecting the place to ascertain the true level of work required for that space.  Some spaces might have holes that may need to be filled up and, as such, if they are not done, could mess up any painting.

Ensure you properly inspect the proposed space, in order to give an accurate costing and recommendation. Remember, the output of your work can influence your next job.

Using sub-standard materials

Giving your client a good and affordable quotation might seem like a good way to retain their patronage, even though it is at the expense of the quality of your work. Avoid using sub-standard materials. It doesn’t only ruin your work; it also downplays your professionalism. From your paint brushes to your choice of paints, always go for good quality products like the Sandtex range of paints.

Painting at night

It is better to paint with daylight than to paint at night. Artificial lights might give a colour other than what is obtainable from natural light. Avoid doing your paint job at night.  When you have a job to do, arrive early and try as much as possible to finish before it gets dark. You don’t want to add so much colour or less to your paint job because of poor colour representation. 

Improper communication of colours and designs with the customer

As a professional painter, it is important to take your client through the colours, design and any other work you plan to do. Ensure that you both reach an understanding and agree on what you eventually do. If possible, show them the exact picture of what you have in mind and get their clear approval. This would reduce complains and unpleasant surprises from clients.

It is not enough to paint for love or interest; with careful consideration of these grey areas, you can add some more colour and professionalism to your work.

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