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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing Exterior Colours for Your Home

A beautiful home is everyone’s desire. And to achieve it, you have got to put in some thought when choosing exterior colours and other colors for your home. The decorations and the choice of paints also matter a lot. When this is on point, the home would feel like a paradise of sort, giving your guests and your family something to admire whenever they call at your home.


Usually, your home’s exterior is the first thing people come in contact each time they visit. It could be more or less welcoming. This makes it absolutely important to give it that perfect touch that leaves people wondering how the inside might look. Before choosing exterior colours for your home, there are things you need to think about. While many people might wonder what difference this would make, considering these factors before choosing colours for your home’s exterior will help put that magic touch to it.


The Roof

What type of roof do you have in your home? Since most roofs come with their own colours, considering the colour of the roof is very essential if you want your home’s exterior to wow. If your roof is Metal, Terracotta or asphalt, you must make sure the exterior paint of your home blends with or compliments it. Remember, it is easier to change the exterior paint than the roof of your home.



Some of us live in areas and neighbourhoods where the buildings might not have the same architectural structure, but the paintings are similar. There are also locations where building owners have an understanding as regards the exterior painting of their buildings. This is especially true in estates. However, if you like the colour of your neighbour’s building, it is advisable to get ideas from it, and not paint the exact same thing. You might get ideas from your neighbours, but your house should be distinctive.


Is your home located around trees or gardens with beautiful flowers? Such can inspire your colour ideas for painting your home’s exterior. Also, if your home is around a beach setting or is surrounded by hills, you can draw colour inspiration from that. In a nutshell, aligning your homes exterior colours to its environment will make it look beautiful and appealing to every passerby.

Colour Details

Attention to details is very important when painting your home’s exterior. Depending on the architectural structure, i.e the size or complexity of the building, there are certain colour themes that won’t work well as exterior colours. Every house owner should therefore take into cognizance the colours that best fit the building and every part of it, i.e windows, doors e.t.c. If you are not painting the windows or doors, you’ll need to consider the right colours that would blend with the building at the point of purchasing them. Nevertheless, avoid too many colours so you don’t ‘flood’ the exterior of your home.


Some people like one single colour on their home, because that is what suits them or what they are satisfied with. However, it is advisable to balance colours over the entire building. You can make enquires from experts, like those at various Sandtex Paints Experience Centres, on the type of paint and colours to use and how to strike the balance. Doing this will add so much beauty to your home’s exterior.


Now that you have these handy facts, why not go ahead and add that pep to your home’s exterior. You’ll sure be glad you did!



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