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5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

We all want the luxury a big bedroom gives. The space should be big enough to take, not only the king size bed, but also a wardrobe, a dressing table and all the other essentials. After all, is that not what a bedroom should do? But, many a time, we are left with a small bedroom space leaving us to wonder how to make it look like a big bedroom. How do you fit everything in without ending up with a clustered, choked up bedroom? How do you maximize space and give your bedroom the illusion of a bigger space? Here are five ways to achieve that?


Choose white curtains and white paintings to give an illusion of a lighted bedroom. Try and raise your curtains always to allow an inflow of natural light from the sun. A room should not be dark. Right? A bright room creates chance for even the littlest piece of decoration to shine through.


Work with lighter colours because they tend to give the illusion of an open bigger space, while dark coloured/furniture/themes tend to do the opposite. Dark colours tend to give the illusion of a smaller room by closing in on the space. White is always the go to colour, but you can try aqua green or a very light shade of blue. Here are some colour combination ideas if you are stuck trying to figure out what to do.

 Multipurpose furniture

Get rid of huge furniture pieces and work with furniture pieces that are multipurpose. An example of this is creating your cloth drawer just underneath your bed. Under-bed storage containers can help you save more space. You can also get a high bed with a lot of drawers attached. Another example of this will be a mirrored closet door. It not only saves you the space a separate standing mirror would have taken, it makes your room look a lot bigger. This does not only apply to the bedrooms. Your living room can look bigger without costing a fortune too!

 Mirrors to the rescue!

Almost all bedrooms have mirrors. If you have a small room, place mirrors at strategic points to help you reflect light and space. You also can chose to re-position them sometimes for a refreshed look. This goes a long way to boost the sense of space in the bedroom.

 Shelf and desk placements

You can attach your shelf to your wall in such a way that the construction floats in the air, hanging on the walls without standing on the ground. This frees up ample space in your room.

Now that you know what to do, go on and free up some space in that bedroom!



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