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Room Colour Combinations That Work Wonders

The easiest makeover you can give your home is a fresh painting. Painting your home to achieve a cool and calm atmosphere, or to make a bold statement, could be an interesting and exciting task. However, many people might not want to go through the stress of picking colours, combining the colours, or even figuring out where to use a particular colour.

For instance, Nkem loves varieties but, for months, she wondered which colours to re-paint her home until Peju, a friend of hers, advised her to try colour blue across the rooms. “Why blue?” she asked Peju. But her friend, like many others, couldn’t provide the answers; neither could she let her into the right colours to pair with blue.

In this short piece, we will like to offer people like Nkem the answers.

To narrow down your choices of colours, get a colour wheel to check colours that blend perfectly. However, if you consider that stressful, here are a few colour combinations that would work wonders.


Sunshine Yellow and White

Who wouldn’t want to wake up happy? That is what colour sunshine yellow does with its warmness and cheerfulness. Sunshine yellow sets the mood everyday because of its association with freshness and joy. Sunshine yellow combined with the innocence and purity of White will create a quiet atmosphere. It is suitable for the bathroom, as well as bedrooms.

Orange and Blue

Do you want to be confident? Colour blue speaks of confidence and importance, and positively affects the mind and the body. Blue as a colour represents faith, trust and wisdom. On the other hand, orange is not for people who are colour-shy, but for those who want to make a bold statement. The orange colour can also be romantic and sexy. It creates an atmosphere that makes your skin glow in the morning, looks like sunset in the noontime and creates a dreamy ambiance at night. Both colours are good for all the rooms, but most suitable for the bedroom.


Olive Green and Grey

Olive green is the colour of the spring and represents freshness, fertility and growth. Combining a colour that depicts peace with a blend of Grey won’t be a bad idea because grey is cool, calm and neutral. Both colours are suitable for all the rooms, including the study.

Finally, always remember that Sandtex Paints offers a variety of products that would always help you achieve these great results.

Purple and Red

A blend of purple and red will make a bold statement, which won’t be a bad idea if that is your objective. The purple colour represents royalty and independence. It’s a colour that stimulates imagination and allows you get in touch with your inner thoughts. On the other hand, red speaks of passion, power and love. Combining both colours would definitely create a remarkable and pleasant ambience. This combination is suitable for bedrooms and sitting rooms.



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