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What You Should Know About Acrylic Paints

What exactly is the fuss about acrylic paints? You may ask. They are water-soluble as they are made with water and acrylic resins. We can say that the use of acrylic paints in recent times is a reaction to the disappointment users have experienced with oil and latex paints. Aside the numerous benefits of oil based paints, many states have in recent times banned its usage due to it environmental effects. This has given rise to the modification in the properties of oil-based paints, and given prominence to some other types of paints that are now in the market.

If you have to do a painting in a coastal area, you should consider acrylic paints. Their water base makes them resistant to fungi and mildew, which predominantly affects wall paints in coastal areas. They allow the wall to breathe. Yes, breathe! Don’t think of a breathing wall like one that allows the flow of air. You really won’t want that. A breathing wall allows the flow of moisture.

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It is essential to note that the water-soluble nature of acrylic paints doesn’t affect their strong adhesion to any material. Though they might not be suitable for all forms of painting, they perfectly adhere to interior and exterior surfaces – wood, masonry, metals and some plastic surfaces. Once an acrylic paint dries on the surface, it sticks on well.

Furthermore, the crispy surface they often create doesn’t affect their colour. You can actually go to sleep on their colour retention properties. Acrylic paints have awesome colour retention ability and can effectively resist the effect of sunrays on wall paints, much better than oil paints.

Have you ever noticed a wall paint peeling of the wall especially in harsh weathers? The flexible nature of acrylic paints settles that perfectly. This is because they are able to expand and contract without cracking, as cracks often give room to water being stored up beneath the paint film, which invariably leads to peeling.

Acrylic Paint for your wall

For interior painting, acrylic paints can be quite suitable as they are very low in odour and less toxic than most paints. They also have a shorter drying time, giving room for a second coat in a short period of time and reducing the concern of how long an indoor painting will take to dry.

Do you now feel like grabbing a brush with a good quality acrylic paint and giving a good shot at that painting job? Do it right. Don’t just use any paint because it has the tag, ‘Acrylic’ on it. Go for the best! We can only recommend what we know and have tested. The Sandtex matt finish has an acrylic base and will do for your painting job all that we have outlined.


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