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The Art of Color Blending

Tired of working with the same old bland colors, red, blue and yellow? Why not get more out of your home or office with color blending.

What is color blending? Colour blending is the art of mixing two colors together to produce a third color. Sounds easy right? Wrong! Mixing Colours is more than just splashing colors on top of other colors. Like anything in life, to attain perfection with color blending, there is a necessary amount of precision and finesse involved.

While you may be tinkering with the idea of just going to the store to buy, let’s say, an orange paint, why not cut the cost and learn something new by mixing some leftover paint together, in this case, red and yellow will give you an orange color.


Before you start mixing, there are a couple of things to have;

  • A long stick to stir the paint. The stick should be long enough to reach the bottom of the paint bucket,
  • Paint can opener to open all your leftover paint,
  • Floor covering (old newspapers),
  • Paint brushes to sample your mixed paint
  • Some leftover paint.
this is the fine art of coloring mixing for both professional and no professional painters
this is the fine art of coloring mixing for both professional and no professional painters

Ensure you mix only the same types of paint together. Oil-based paints should be mixed with other oil-based paints, and water-based paints, with other water-based paints.

Colour blending can be used to do more than just create new colors. Perhaps you have some red paint at home, but are unsatisfied with the shade? You can lighten or darken the shade of your paint by using the right blending techniques.

Working with some green paint that’s not quite your desired hue? Try this! Add in some white paint of the same base with your original color. Don’t get impatient because it usually takes a lot of white paint to make a color noticeably lighter. The same goes for darkening a paint color, add some black or grey craft colorant. Use black preferably when working with already dark colors and opt for grey when working with lighter colors.

[Paint like a pro, this post tells you how.
[Paint like a pro, this post tells you how.
Colour blending can also help you to intensify your paint color. To achieve this and make your color more vivid, you simply need to mix in more of the base colors. You can also shift color temperatures, undertones and even hues. For example, green can be warmed up to moss green by adding yellow to it or cooled down to sea green or teal by adding blue. Red can also be turned into violet, with the addition of blue.

To effectively blend colours, have a good knowledge of colors and how they naturally blend. If you are not totally confident in your knowledge of colors, you can do a blend test with a little portion of the paints, to get the desired effect. Happy color blending!

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