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Spotlight: Unique Benefits of Gloss Paint

What comes to your mind when you hear glossy? Lipstick, shimmers, stars or sparkles? In a way, glossy can be likened to all of these and more. So what then do you think a glossy paint would look like? – Sparkling! What’s more? It is a bold and bright finish, …

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Easy Steps To Cleaning Your Wall Paint

 How about having something new, more interesting, attractive or fashionable? There is always this fresh feeling when things look new or more appealing, similar to the feeling when you just had your home or office painted or redecorated. The entire space begins to feel so sparkling clean and peaceful. So …

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Most often, painters buy paint in excess, resulting in some leftover. It is usually not such a bad idea, as the surplus paint is almost always needed for touch-ups.  However, what ends up being bad is when the need for that excess paint arises and you realize that your paint …

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The Art of Color Blending

Tired of working with the same old bland colors, red, blue and yellow? Why not get more out of your home or office with color blending. What is color blending? Colour blending is the art of mixing two colors together to produce a third color. Sounds easy right? Wrong! Mixing …

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Interior and Exterior Paint Colors

Colors are more than what meets the eye. They can either make or mar your wardrobe or even worse, your home. Each with its own distinct allure, colors have a psychological effect on the human mind and can influence our emotions and perceptions in a variety of ways.   Colors …

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