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Can Colours Really Affect Appetite?

Research shows that colours have a psychological effect on humans. But did you know this also goes for your appetite and cravings too? If you are a member of the ‘FitFam’ or if you take your health and the food you consume seriously, you should continue reading. Yes! Colours have …

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Love…And My Last Valentine Experience

I’ve always heard that the quality of paint has a lot to do with the final outcome of a painting job. But I never knew it could work such magic until last year’s Valentine’s Day. I had such high hopes about what was going to be the high point of …

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February Is Here! Get Inspired By The Allure Of Rose

Living in a world of diverse cultures, beliefs and norms, we all draw inspiration from different things. While some are inspired by music, some others are inspired by reading or the actions of individuals they look up to. Yet, a host of people are inspired by items like flowers, perfumes …

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My Very Colorful End-of-Year

Looking around my house from my swivel chair that’s just at the corner of my living room, where my office space is, I realize it’s about time I showed my house some love. This has been my safe zone, my refuge, and source of comfort on days when all I …

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Notable Colour Trends Of 2017

2017 has been a great year. Filled with new, bold and daring inventions, notable color trends especially in the world of home painting. Right? People are beginning to get flexible and ‘playful’ with color and the end result has been worth the effort. Now, before the year runs out, it …

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What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Do you have a favorite color?  Do you find yourself always tilting towards a particular color sometimes without even trying? Have you ever wondered why you love such a color? Do you wonder what your favorite color speaks/says about you?There’s a psychology behind many of the things we do, and …

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Discover Colours That Can Ease Your Stress!

Certain colors, with their allure and beauty, have got the power to ease your stress and make your office or the rooms in your home feel so comfortable. Irrespective of the size of your room, the color you choose can make it feel intimate or soothing; color can make all …

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Sleep Better With A More Serene Bedroom

Having a good sleep plays a very important role in your physical health. It is as important as eating healthy and exercising. It is believed that the healing and repairing of your heart and blood cells are most effective when you sleep well. Though our lifestyle affects the kind of …

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