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A Beautiful Living Room Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

A common misconception is that redecorating your home or any part of it will require a lot of money. Nothing can be further from the truth. The truth is that, even if you are on a slim budget, you can still create stylish and inviting décor for your living room. The question should be: how do you get to achieve that?

The first step to decorating your living room space is to clean up and organize it, and this includes getting rid of the clutter; this will improve the look of your living room greatly. Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we can go on to decorating!

Here are a few inexpensive tips that are sure to add style to your living room:

  1. Get rid of anything you don’t need. Why not give your home a new look and also a clean slate by getting rid of damaged and worn out items. Also do away with, or perhaps move to another room, items that don’t suit the style of your living room. Consistency is key when redecorating.
  2. Partly Repaint. Painting your walls is perhaps the most decorative upgrade you can give your living room. More often than not, people tend to forgo this aspect because of the cost implications. Or they go for very cheap unimpressive paints, which give disappointing results. Nevertheless, even on a tight budget, you can achieve impressive results by using the right paint. Depending on how slim your budget is, you should consider painting a single wall; this will have a similar effect to painting the entire living room. You should also consider using Sandtex Intra Emulsion, which is very economical and suitable for interior walls.
  3. Make some of your furniture yourself. It is the DIY era and there are millions of Do-It-Yourself instructive videos on the Internet. Find out which one best suits your style and give it a go. Now, not everyone is artsy or handy enough, but it is definitely worth the try because it can save you a lot of money.
  4. Look for things on sale. When you do, you get very good value for your money. If it is not on sale, don’t buy it! You could do a Google alert for décor sales and filter through to find shops close to you. Also, it won’t be a bad idea to subscribe to newsletters of some decorative shops. They tend to do sales when they have new items to sell. You can always benefit from this.

Look out for garage and estate sales. These are very rare, especially in Nigeria, but they do exist. If you are lucky, you will find one or get invited to one where you will find some furniture worthy of your living room.




  1. Change your curtains. Getting new curtains is just as important as repainting your wall. It can give your living room a totally new look. You can get inexpensive, stylish looking curtains at any of the major markets and have it sewn right there and then.
  2. Reinvent. The best way to redecorate is to decorate with something you already own. Take a work around your living room or perhaps your entire house and look for items that can look better in a different space. For instance, that extra lamp beside your bed may look really good beside the couch in your living room. All you have to do is walk through your home with a “fresh” set of eyes.

Finally, stick to your convictions. You can stylishly redecorate and save money at the same time, while your living room gets upgraded, even on a tight budget.

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