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Black Is Beautiful…Even In Your Home

What is your opinion of the colour, black? Have you ever considered having black interiors? It is quite rare to see black interiors and exteriors. There is a popular belief that black is associated with evil, hence not so appropriate for personal spaces. But as much as we don’t want to admit it, many of us often favour black when choosing colours.

Check through the collection of any classy lady, you will hardly miss a black dress or black shoes. The same goes for guys. Fashion experts will tell you that with black, you can’t go wrong. Black is easy to accessorize and could create the exact style blend you want.

Back to our interior spaces, black can create a beautiful ambiance for your home if it is well used and combined. Are you skeptical about using the black colour to achieve the wow effect in your home? We are here to settle your skepticism.

Use black for your Trims

Can you imagine what black will do to the trim of walls that were painted with bright colours? It accentuates the lighter colour and energizes the space. It gives the room a sharper and intense look that creates a lively environment.

Though black might not be very suitable for rooms or bathrooms, especially for people with high blood pressure, as the tensed environment could increase blood pressure, it is most appropriate for rooms that are often used for dinner parties, photography studios, dinning and living rooms.

With black you don’t have to get stuck with renovations. It is suitable for hiding imperfections. Interior designers often have a walkover in renovating old houses when they use black in their combinations. This is because, black does not only hides imperfections, it revives the space.

Paint your ceilings with black

Ceilings don’t always have to be white. Considering the type of decking you use, you can also consider black. Black is just perfect for hiding imperfections and could be just what your ceiling needs to keeping you staring endlessly. Don’t just go over the ceiling with black paints, you might want to try out some creative designs to go with it.

As long as you use the right type of paint, you will achieve amazing results. Matt or silk finishing helps to bring out the best finish in your painting. For houses that have wood designs for the ceilings, you might want to try out black instead of the wood colour. You will be glad you tried out black in your combination.

Use black for the interior of your doors.

This is your gateway to a classy house. Painting the door black makes the space look simple but elegant. With black doors, blending in other colour combinations in the space won’t be an issue, as black will naturally blend with every other colour. Trim the black door with cream or off white for that exotic look.

Black is the perfect background for wall paintings

If you are a lover of art or have an eye for stylish designs, you might want to try painting a side of your wall space black. That space could be used to create some form of aesthetics. Some may use it as a background for various colourful designs, while others may choose to leave it just bare. However you choose to have it, ensure it is creative. Ask your painter about Suede Paints. Good quality suede paints will be perfect for a black wall.

For that perfect shine and total result, ensure you use good quality black paints. Black is a unique colour. Just as the wrong usage could mar your home designs, the right application will give you an amazing result.

Now that we know that black is awesome, we are also aware that black might not be the right colour for the season you are in, so here are some colours that suit the rainy season i.e. if it is the rainy season.


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