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Vacationing In Eden Island, Seychelles


I have a bucket list (to be honest more than a bucket list) of places around the world I would like to visit in the next five years and on the top of that list is Eden Island, Seychelles. I love going to the beach, I am definitely a true …

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Why Onion Pink Is The New Trending Colour

What color did Tola pick for her Aso Ebi? I was on the phone asking my friend Bolu what color our friend had picked for her Aso Ebi. Bolu replied, babe its pink oo. Pink ke! I exclaimed. I can’t be buying pink now I have so many pink dresses. …

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Room Colour Combinations That Work Wonders

The easiest makeover you can give your home is a fresh painting. Painting your home to achieve a cool and calm atmosphere, or to make a bold statement, could be an interesting and exciting task. However, many people might not want to go through the stress of picking colours, combining …

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Tips for Decorating Your Children’s Room

Decorating your children’s room may be the most challenging thing in the world. Considering that children tend to grow rapidly and you don’t want them to outgrow that room, you put so much effort into decorating within a short time. To make sure you get it right and you don’t …

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Colour 101 – Psychology of Colour Pink

Is there more to colours than the beauty they provide? Psychology can be defined as the mental characteristics and attitude of a person or a group. As regards to colour, colour psychology studies the emotional, physical and mental influence colours have on humans. It is the emotional, cultural and environmental …

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