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Ceiling Paint Ideas To Light Up Your Room

The ceiling is an important part of the house. It plays a big part in determining the vibe your room reflects. I helps to light up your room or dull it down and oftentimes, the ceiling paint is white. A simple white ceiling and a colourful wall is usually the go to idea when it comes to house painting decoration. We do not think twice about the white colour for ceilings when painting, and for good reasons too. The white ceiling is a classic and safe choice because it saves you the stress of repainting every couple of years and it gives the room a higher and brighter feel. But this can get boring after a while.

However, the ceiling space of the house can give the room a whole dramatic and exciting makeover if you go beyond the ordinary white shade and pamper your ceiling a little with a dash of colours. Although the general idea for painting the ceiling white is to give it a higher and airy feel, applying other shades to a ceiling will give it a beautiful feel while evoking a cozy and intimate feeling.

Here are some beautiful and exciting colour options to consider for your ceiling.

Sky Blue

The sky blue as a ceiling paint option gives the room a soft and seamless feel. This colour has also been said to repel insects if used as the porch ceiling paint option.

Mint Green/Teal

For a cozier feel, try the deep shade of mint green and for a perfect blend, go with a light shade of mint green for the walls. This makes the ceiling feel more intimate and lower. This colour is perfect for a bedroom and bathroom.


This gives an added depth and diversity. It breaks up the monochrome feel of a room. This colour best suits a neutral room because it will serve as a pop of colour to the room. It also helps the wall art shine through, if you have any.


The colour black as an option for your ceiling does the opposite of what you would think. It gives the illusion of more space as though you were staring into the night sky. A bright and colourful furniture will help bring this ceiling alive. In a bathroom, the black ceiling masks any dirt while serving up a fresh look.


The colour peach is a perfect fit for a nursery. It brings the room alive and evokes the feeling of happiness.


There are many more colours to paint your ceiling; white does not have to be the only colour. So, move away from the ordinary and sometimes boring, and try on some colour to change the general perception. You’ll still achieve that beautiful and comfortable feel from that broad canvas. On a last note, whatever colour you decide to use, make sure you choose a matching wall shade for that perfect finish.








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