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Cheap Decor Ideas For That WOW Effect!

Do you need some decor ideas? You do not have to break a bank trying to decorate your room. There are easier and cheaper ways you can achieve that beautiful and expensive look with everyday items around you. Here are some few decor ideas that will get you started.

 Add some greenery

The importance of plants in the house cannot be over emphasized. Apart from the fact that they are readily available around us, they give a soft tone to the architectural pieces of the house. Place it at a strategic corner of the room to help balance out your decoration. However, be sure to know the kind of plants you bring into your home to avoid outbreak of allergies or poisoning.

Use your pretty gift boxes

Have you ever gotten a gift and could not let go of the box it came in because of how pretty it was. Then, at the same time don’t know what to do with it? Well, you may use it as a room decoration. For larger boxes, you can use them to collect your jewelries, keys, or any other stationery, while smaller ones could work perfectly as a furniture statement piece which could help create space in your room

Perfume bottles

There are so many perfume bottles crafted so perfectly well you do not want to throw them away after using the perfume. They come in different sizes and some have large openings that can accommodate a flower or plant. So, voila! You have a beautiful flower vase. They could also be perfect for holding your liquid room air freshener.

Frame your pictures and hang them (Use your picture to form memories on the wall)

Though this is a very common thing in most homes, you could tweak up how you hang your photos to give a fresh look to your room.

Repaint your furniture

Sometimes, all you need is just a new paint job to give your indoor decoration a new look. It’s not the walls this time, but your wooden furniture. Paint your wooden furniture another colour that will also compliment your general decoration and see how your room will come alive again. If it is your first time painting, you may want to check out our safety tips in painting.

Use scented candles

These will not only give the room a soft ambiance, but also evoke pleasant emotions with the scents they emit. The ‘rich’ scent can trick the mind into thinking your room décor is expensive. Sometimes, turn off the bright light and let the lit candles and their sweet smell do the magic. Scented candles come in different sizes and price range. So, you want to go for the ones that best suit your budget and are also of good quality.

Get organised

Pile up your cushions, throw pillows and blankets. Sometimes, all your room actually needs is organisation. Your décor will turn out better if you make a habit of picking up after yourself and others do the same. Sort things out in order of colours, sizes and patterns, and replace things appropriately when you are done with them. Nothing gives a bad impression or a tasteless décor than a room in a mess. Keep things neat.

Display your artwork

Making a focal point in your room helps to draw in attention and makes a point of interest for your guests. So, if you are an artist or you own a beautiful piece of art, this will be the best way to change up the look of your room. Hang it strategically in a far wall and, every time you or your guests get in, there’s an attraction to the beauty of the art.

Rearrange your room layout periodically

Ever so often, change the layout of your room; this will give a sense of something new and different to what you and your guests are used to.



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