We had been staying at Number 5 Queen Street in Alagomeji, Yaba. We needed to change the colours of our walls. We bought the house without repainting the walls. That was 6 months ago. I must admit that I did not know much about colour and paint and I’am a woman.

We searched the internet for paint companies and we came down to two options and one of them was Sandtex Paints. We chose Sandtex Paints because of their mission statement- “To add value, comfort and colour to our environment.”


We visited the Experience Centre.  There we met a courteous sales representative. She was very helpful. She told us how to choose the right colours for your walls. These are the things she shared with us:

You must ask a series of questions before picking the paint colour-

  1. What is the function of the space? Whether it’s the master bedroom or children’s bedroom, you must ascertain its function. Each colour creates a different impact on people. Take children’s bedroom walls which should be painted Yellow or Orange in order to evoke happiness. These colours also encourage energy and creativity and mental focus.
  2. What mood do you want to create?
  3. Which colours will help you achieve that mood?

She went on to tell us about the three types of colours which are:

Cool  Colours(Passive)

These are Blue, Green and Purple. These cool colours help to create a calm atmosphere and help small spaces seem more spacious.

Warm Colours(Active)

These colours are Red, Orange and Yellow.

Neutral  Colours

These colours are Beige, Brown and Grey which can be combined with very colourful furniture and accents (pillows and curtains). They act as a backdrop enhancing colourful elements .

The next thing she said was about lighting and here’s what she said:


When light shines on an object, some colours bounce off the object and others are absorbed. Our eyes only see the colours that are bounced off or reflected.

Huge windows and spaces are very wide. You can use dark colours with confidence. Spaces with soft lighting make dark paint look darker, while strong lighting will make the room look brighter.

We knew what we wanted to do after the visit to the Experience Centre. We planned to revisit the Centre to pick up the paint. We chose the very bright Sandtex Candlelight and Gloriosa for our children’s bedroom.  We chose a cool Sandtex Breaker blue for the children’s bathroom and guest bathroom. For our bedroom, we went with a neutral Sandtex Brianna grey. White walls for the corridors and kitchen. We also installed some chandeliers in the living room for lighting and extra light bulbs in the corridors and kitchen for the perfect colour effect.

3 weeks later the work was complete and the walls looked fantastic. So fantastic that we had to throw a party to celebrate the new makeover.  We were able to convert some of our guests to Sandtex customers as a result. They were all very much impressed.

That’s our Sandtex story.



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