Shortly before we moved into our new house in the Lekki area, we decided on a decorating style and colours for some of the rooms. I know what you are thinking, “Design style?” I have my unique style of course but, I am referring to design styles of interior design. I discovered these design styles at the SandtexPaints Experience Centre at KM 20 Lagos/Expressway Igbo. Efon Bus-Stop Agungi Village, Lekki, Lagos.

This courteous salsa representative showed us around the Centre showing us the various Sandtex products like the Sandtex Matt, Satin, VME and the colour chart. We were amazed at the number of Sandtex colours that we saw like Queen Victoria, Candlelight and Blue moon. We were asked what colour concepts we wanted for our bedrooms. We told her that we wanted to paint and decorate the bedrooms. That’s when she told us about the Design styles and here they are:


Mid Century Modern Style

The mid Century Modern style is defined by simple forms, organic influences, high functionality, minimal ornamentation and playfulness. It’s characterized by the open space concept, environmental integration, simplicity, functionality, geometry and nature. Colour palettes in this style are natural and warm.



Scandinavian Style

The Scandinavian style is clean with simple lines, minimal and functional without sacrificing beauty. This style originates from the Nordic countries (Norway, Holland and Denmark to name a few) because the winters are so long and dark. Scandinavian interiors are typically painted white to help keep spaces bright and give the impression of snowcapped mountains.

Fabrics often have fur optics, cotton or linen to help brighten up spaces and bring in some life. Plants are found in plenty of Scandinavian homes.

Some famous design pieces are essential to getting the look such as the famous plastic chair by Eames.


Industrial Style

The industrial style is one that focuses on bringing back the period that focused on manufacturing machines by appreciating raw and unfurnished interiors. This style is all about proudly displaying the building materials which we usually try to conceal. The favourite textures are exposed bricks, concrete, steel beams or columns. These items are usually not seen but where industrial design is concerned these elements are exposed.

The colour palettes here are neutrals like gray, black and pure white because they are perfect for contrasting with the raw materials. The furniture is very comfortable, in leather or in a pop of colour. Usually, the spaces are dramatic with very interesting lighting fixtures.

The Industrial style is perfect for people who appreciate how things work. Using the old to create something new. If you like warm spaces and raw materials, then this style is for you.


Glam Style

Glam is a style that appeals to those who are taken by jewellery and shiny things.  The colour palettes are neutral with white, cream, grey, black, gold and silver often jewel tones. Shiny items have a place of honour in the finishing touches. Brilliant metallics, crystal chandelier fancy fabrics as velvet and sheep skin are crucial in creating a glam styled living room.

Nothing embodies the essence of the glam style quite like the mirrored coffee table consul accessories.

Japandi Style

Japandi is the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. It’s a hybrid style where two completely different styles meet.

It is trendy right now. Interior design doesn’t have to be rigid. You can mix and match your favourite styles to create and customize one for your personality and taste.

Finding beauty in craftsmanship, raw materials, simple and natural elements.

A warm and neutral colour palette is the background of every japandi styled interior. Unlike the Scandi style that works completely in white.

Furniture pieces are statement pieces and bold accessories by themselves. They have clean minimalistic lines. In this fusion of styles, there is a strong Zen influence so; it’s about quality and not quantity. This means to keep one or two plants only.


We went away with Sandtex paint and our chosen design styles for our rooms. We chose Japandi style for our living room. That’s why we bought the Sandtex Satin in white for the walls, grey and white coloured chairs with two plants. For the rest of the house, we decided to go with Mid-century modern and glam styles.


Within a few weeks the house was made up and all that was left to do was move in. You should have seen the living room, see how beautiful it looked. Japandi is definitely for us. We snapped some pictures of the different rooms and posted them on social media. They attracted attention. So much so that our next-door neighbours were interested in understanding these styles.


That’s our Sandtex story.



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