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Choosing The Perfect Paint For Your Home: Things to Consider

Contrary to what others may think, Mimi wasn’t ready to settle for anything less than the standard she had set for herself. Her new apartment was one of the best in the estate and its design afforded her the opportunity to play with art and colour. Growing up in an environment where style and art was the real deal, she was bent on showing off the taste she had acquired from her very stylish dad.

But she had only one challenge. Her market sense was really poor. She could hardly distinguish good quality materials from the poor ones.

Nevertheless, thanks to her friend, Faith – the paint guru, she got great tips on how to choose the perfect paint for her designs and is more than excited to share them with you.

How to choose perfect paint colour for your home 


As common as it may seem, many people set out to buy paints without making a good decision of the colour of paint they want. This should certainly be the first step to buying paints.

It is not safe to make the choice of colour at the paint shop. You might be too overwhelmed with the wide variety of colours to choose from and, in the end, make a choice that will not totally reflect want you had hoped to achieve.

Choosing perfect paint colour for your home.

It is often safe to do a proper research of the design you want and the appropriate colours that would perfectly fit it.

Go for a credible brand

As much as many might argue that quality doesn’t lie in a brand name, it is often safer to go for well-known brands. Any brand that is well known should have probably been well used. It is often easier to get the testimonies of these brands than it is with newer brands. More so, these brands work towards protecting their integrity and often offer a warranty on their products, just in case there is need for a swap.

Sandtex paints


Type of finishing

Before you choose paints, you should have ascertained exactly what the paint is to be used for. Not all paints are suitable for all surfaces, weathers and regions. There are paints that are best suited for moist areas, where the walls are prone to fungi attack.

These paints help to protect the walls by inhibiting the growth of the fungi. One of such is the Sandtex VME, which inhibits the growth of fungi and is resistant to scuffing and scrubbing, covering 12 – 14sqm/litre as an undiluted single coating.

When choosing paint for interior surfaces, depending on the area of the house you wish to paint, you might want to consider gloss paints. Gloss paints are easy to clean and maintain and are suitable for high traffic areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and even living rooms.

For rainy seasons, you might also want to take into consideration the kind of paint used. Solvent-based paints are harder to dry than water based paints.

Choosing perfect paint colour for your home


Size of the surface

It is essential to note the precise size of a surface before buying paints to be used. Some paints cover a good room space with a little quantity because of its texture and quantity. You should always have a good knowledge of how much paint is needed for your painting. If you are not so sure of the measurement, take a measurement of the space and check with the paints when buying. Most paints come with a clear measurement of how much space a can of it will cover.


We often attribute affordability to the price of the paint, compared to others in the market. If it is cheaper, we label it affordable. But how about if we buy a product more than we would the others and it lasts much longer than the “cheaper“ ones would have lasted? The measurement for true affordable should be in how much the product saves you from spending more. Always ensure that you don’t just choose cheap products but products that give you value for your money.

Quality and Durability

The purpose of Mimi’s search was for a quality brand. You might have the right design but poor materials for the design. In such a situation, your hard work might just result in a total disaster. But there are paints that can last for up to 10 – 25 years, irrespective of the conditions in which they are used. One of such is the Sandtex Trowel Paint. It has a life span of 10 – 25 years and provides a perfect and unique finish always. Paint like this is a good example of durability and should be very well considered. It is also available in different colours.

Choosing the perfect colour for your home

For whatever type of painting you hope to achieve, always go for products that are durable and credible. Sandtex Paint is generally known for its durability and offers a wide variety that suits your needs. You can visit any of the Sandtex experience centers to find the perfect paint for your finishing.

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