As many people are at home enjoying something of a holiday, I on the other hand still have to go to work as I’m a health worker. There are no days off for people like me.  I woke up this morning to go out to the hospital where I work. Sometimes I work nights but today I’m working the day shift. I got to the hospital on this day which is celebrated as “Workers’ Day” and made my rounds as usual. Being the matron in charge, I have to supervise my staff sometimes working overtime. We were very busy the other day and finished very late and of course didn’t get much sleep.

My colleagues and I work really hard as our pay slips are commensurate with our jobs. I stay at my sister’s place due to proximity to work. Nevertheless, my two little girls are well taken care of as my husband works from home.

I’ve not seen my children for 4 weeks since the lockdown.  It’s only on zoom that I get to hear from them.  However, my girls and husband are handling it well. My sister has been very cooperative but then, she has no children and is in Abuja so, I have the house all to myself. I rarely stay at my sister’s house due to the nature of my job so; I haven’t spent much on groceries.  I send part of the money to my hubby and kids.  I even use part of my salary to help some of my patients who cannot afford to pay their medical bills. Lately the government has been trying in paying our salaries so no delays but, we are still underpaid.


The last time I was with my children and husband we had painted the store room next to the kitchen, that includes the ceiling as well.  I was given some time off and chose to spend it with my family. My husband and I bought Sandtex Gentle Yellow from a SandtexPaints Experience Centre.  We painted the store room walls and ceiling on a Saturday. It took us half of the day to finish. At first my children wanted to watch cartoons but, when they saw me and my husband together painting and saw how much fun we were having, they came to join.  Luckily for us our store room isn’t that big.


We had targeted a finish time of 3 pm but it extended to 4 pm. My husband did about 60% of the work. Next was to clean our brushes.  These tips were given to us by a female representative of SandtexPaints at The Experience Centre:

  1. Scrape off excess paint. It may seem obvious, but be sure the brush is as free of paint as possible. Use the rim of a can and then work some of the paint onto newspaper before cleaning in soapy water.
  2. Wash the brush in a pail of soapy water. Work the paint free of the bristles with your hands and a brush comb.
  3. Spin the brush in a pail. Remove any remaining paint and water.
  4. Rinse the bristles in a pail of clean water. Work the bristles with your hand. After a few minutes, spin the brush again and then rinse it in another pail of clean water.
  5. Wrap the brush with heavy paper. Prefold the paper as shown, then wrap it around the brush and tie it loosely with string. This step is critical to retain the shape of the brush.

The female representative then went on to say this:

A good brush, will serve you on numerous painting jobs if kept clean.

After a 30 minute break, we began to clean the brushes following these tips.  We were done in 20 minutes. Throughout this activity we took pictures of ourselves painting the walls. We posted them on Instagram and Facebook.

That was over a month ago. I keep myself entertained by looking at those pictures we took while on my shift.

Thank you SandtexPaints.



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