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Colour Combinations That Would Excite Children

Colours could have an immense impact on a child’s mental health. That’s because it gives them the fun and exciting feeling they need to effectively express their inner selves. Therefore, when choosing colours for children, it is advised that you choose based on the purpose for which space is to be used. Are you planning towards doing a painting for children, you might want to consider any of these options to achieve your desired result.


Mint Green and White

Green is an interesting colour for kids. Despite the fact that it is said to create a calming effect on the mind, it provides a natural blend any kid would love. Against the usual dark green, you can try mint green, which is a lighter combination and then blend with white in design or accessories.

Mint Green, Off White and Pink

This combination adds a little sparkle to the mint green and white combination with the pink. Pink brings in a ray of fun to the blend. Instead of using white as the combination, you can use off-white for a calmer outlook.

Orange and Red

When painting for children, the keyword on your mind should be “Exciting”. Anything short of exciting might not be the appropriate choice for children, as these colours effectively work with their psychology. Orange is a very exciting colour and is often said to be one of the most exciting colours in existence. It creates a good blend when combined with red, highlighting it in a calmer sense.

White and Brown

White is an all-time winner when it comes to the effect of colours on the mind. It helps make your space look wider, well lit and gives the feeling of freedom. Don’t you want too many colours at play for your kids? Try something ‘colourless’ but with the same effect. Try colour white. Calm down the brightness with some brown wall designs or furniture.

Pink and Light Blue

Don’t we say Pink is for girls and Blue is for boys? When you have a space that boys and girls will share, you can address both genders with blue and pink. Use a lighter shade of blue for a calmer blend, as pink and blue are already lively colours. This combination would make a good one for schools

All Pink

Though we love to believe that pink is strictly for girls, you will be amazed by the effect it would have on your very restless boys. An all pink room sends an interesting signal to the kid – “Be calm”. For most Montessori schools, pink is often used for the sleeping room to give the kids the appropriate atmosphere for rest.

Light Purple and White

The royal colour purple could just be what your child needs for a more fulfilling and self-confident life. Blend light purple with white for a priestly effect in the room. This combination is suitable for any gender and with it you can never go wrong.

Green and Orange

This combination isn’t just beautiful but it gives the food effect to space – green for your vegetables and orange for your fruits. You know the effect food has on kids? You can get almost the same effect with a room painted green and orange.

Whatever colours you decide to use for your combination, ensure that you use them in the proper tone and design. Above the choice of colors, the way the colours are applied also goes a long way in creating the perfect atmosphere for children. You might want to look through some amazing designs that would be appropriate for kids and apply any of these combinations.






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