Ever seen expressions like ‘Green with envy’ or ‘I’m feeling blue’ or even ‘She saw red’? These mean that, for colours to be used to describe emotions means that colours have a form of impact on the way we feel. Here are some colours and the effect they tend to have on your emotions. These descriptions may not totally apply to everyone but have been proven from research, by experts.

colours and how it affects your emotions


Red has been said to possess the ability to evoke passionate and aggressive feelings. Many believe it helps to increase blood circulation, breathing rates, and metabolism as well as raise energy levels and stir up excitement. However, it can also stir up stress, provocation and anger.


Yellow helps to arouse a chemical in the brain called Serotonin, essential for causing a happy mood. It enhances concentration and alerts the brain and nervous system. Because it is a bright colour, it is also known to arouse tempers and make babies cry. Yellow is said to trigger happiness, friendliness, enthusiasm and a generally warm disposition.


The colour blue is a calming colour that has a soothing effect on people. It connotes loyalty and arouses feelings that are soothing, deep, secure, comfortable and peaceful,-/ but can also be a depressing colour to some people.

Colours and how it affects your emotions


The colour green has been said to invoke feelings of nature and concentration, which is why most chalkboards in classrooms are green, against the usual black. It stimulates feelings of soothing emotions, freshness, security, peace, leisurely, control, relaxation, happiness, comfort, hope and calmness.


Pink is usually considered the colour of romance and has the tendency to invoke such feelings. It is also a feminine colour that gives a sense of tranquillity. It also helps reduce anger and anxiety, which is why most prisons in the US are painted pink, probably in a bid to keep the prisoners calm.


colours and how it affects your child's emotion




This colour arouses feelings of royalty, wealth, power, dignity, comfort, depth, luxury and sophistication and sometimes, anxiety and tension. It is also said to increase sexual feelings.


Orange lifts up your mood and stimulates your mental abilities and also increases one’s appetite. People tend to be happy, excited, stimulated, warm and merry around the colour, orange.


Colours can make you sad, happy, heavy or even cheer you. See more here


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