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Colours That Suit The Rainy Season

Though the atmosphere during the rainy might seem gloomy and boring with activities seemingly moving slowly, you can effectively create a good environment for your space with beautiful colours that suit the rainy season.

The rainy season is a period that lasts for about four to five months, probably from the month of May to September, yearly. It is one of the very challenging seasons in Nigeria, and demand extra caution to ensure people are safe and sound, as it is often characterized by unusual flooding, increased traffic and health challenges. But, despite these challenges associated with the weather, it is also fondly referred to as the “weather for two” because of the cold and cozy atmosphere it often creates.

Much thanks to our beautiful range of colours, you can create the perfect environment and enjoy the season to the fullest. Here are a few colours you can try out this season.


This is a warm and cool color that could make an environment warm enough for the season. The idea of decorating homes according to seasons is gradually becoming very common, helping many homes to make the best out of every season. Turquoise symbolizes royalty and can be easily blended with many other colours. You cannot go wrong with Turquoise this season.


Green is commonly known as a cool colour that is known for its soothing nature. With the lustrous green nature of shrubs and grasses as a result of the rain, you will have more than one reason to “go green” during the rainy season. Work with a mixture of different shades of green for an exciting effect. Also ensure you use good quality paints like Sandtex this season to avoid your painting fading off easily.

Yellow and Orange

Bright colors for a rainy season are very essential as they help brighten the room after a rainy day. A blend of yellow and orange often provides a unique ambiance. These colours can be used in living rooms and kitchens.

Purple and pink

These colours are known as royal colours and have the capability of illuminating a dull room, giving it a prestigious and exciting atmosphere. Purple is warm and soothing and well blended with pink, producing the perfect lively environment. No more dull rainy days with purple and pink.


For traditional houses, white often comes in very essential. It is considered as the symbol of purity. Though white can be quite difficult to maintain during the rainy season, it can be well blended with other colours and would still produce the perfect effect, infusing life into a boring environment.

The concept behind choosing colours for a rainy season is in going for bright colours against dark colours that would look gloomy and boring during the rainy season. Alongside your wall paint, you can accessorize your decoration with furniture that complements the wall colour.



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