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The Day I Fell In Love With Mauve
Living room painted with Mauve colour

The Day I Fell In Love With Mauve

It was 8:15am in the morning, as I woke up to 13 missed calls from Tola, my colleague at work. “Why would she call me THIRTEEN times?” I wondered, as I dialed her number to find out what the problem was. “Hello Tola, how far? Is everything okay?” “Baby girl, I have a surprise for you, come to the office ASAP!” “But you know I’m on leave, right?”  “I know, trust me! Just show up first.” “But, what could this ‘surprise’ be, and why does she sound so excited?” I pondered, as I ended the call.

I hailed a taxi at exactly 10 am, and by 11:15, I had gotten to the office. I hadn’t even alighted from the cab when I saw Tola running down the stairs in full ‘gist mode’. “Babe, hurry! Come and see for yourself!” When we got to her office, even before Tola could scream ‘Surprise!’, I had sighted a gift basket on her table. On getting close to it, I found that it had chocolates, a bottle of perfume, some biscuits, my favorite red wine and a note addressed “To Tamera… Just because you’re a beautiful woman that deserves the nicest things… Regards, Anthony.”

The Day I Fell In Love With Mauve
Gift basket

I couldn’t even hide the huge smile that took over my face. “Aawww…who is this guy?” Tola began to harass me with questions. Immediately, I took my items and left for my house. The ride back home was the best I have had in in a while. I was so excited because I never imagined that Tony could be this nice.  I met Tony on a blind date arranged by a friend of mine, Nathaniel, sometime in June. We had been talking on and off, and I knew he was interested in me, just that we were taking things slowly.

On getting home, I called him to appreciate the gesture. That was so sweet of him. He sounded really happy that I liked the gift items and asked when he could take me out on a date? “Anytime this month would be fine; I’m on my annual leave,” I answered. “Oh… I had no idea. How about Friday night?” He followed. “Friday is perfect!”

Friday was in two days! So, I had to get a new hairdo. I wanted to look as stunning as I could. Everything was perfect, and I was ready for Friday.

The Day I Fell In Love With Mauve
Mauve color car Interior

Tony picked me up at 7pm, and he was so warm. He almost killed me with compliments! As I entered his car, I felt so comfortable. I had never seen a car with a purple-like interior. It gave the car a rather cozy look and feel, further accentuating all the goodness of the night. “I like your car interior, it’s quite unique,” I couldn’t resist saying. “Thanks, the colour is called mauve,” he responded. “Isn’t this the same as purple?” I thought to myself. So, I whipped out my phone and googled “Moov”. Apparently, my spelling was wrong; it’s spelt Mauve. Mauve is the warmest shade of purple, and I liked it.

The date went well and we got to know more about ourselves. There was going to be many more dates. Tony is a really great guy.

The Day I Fell In Love With Mauve
Modern Mauve painted living room

I offered to pay a visit to his home so we could watch football and, maybe, order some food. When I got to his place, I couldn’t help but go “wow!” I noticed the colour theme in his home was the same as his car interior. “This guy is so cool! How did he come about this Mauve thing?” I wondered. On further enquiry, I got to understand that it was his home painting that inspired his car interior colour theme. When he decided to give his home a makeover, he had gone to a Sandtex Experience Centre on the recommendation of a friend of his. He was so impressed with the outcome that he decided to replicate the feel in his car.

Need I say that it was a great day? We laughed, ate, told jokes, watched soccer together and even shared a kiss.

My name is Tamera, and that was the day I fell in Love with Mauve.


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