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How To Decorate Your Baby’s Nursery On A Budget

This one is for intending parents! You don’t have to break the bank or spend a fortune when you decorate your baby’s nursery. With sufficient information and your creativity hat on, you can design a beautiful space for your loved one on a budget. Don’t get wrapped up in the idea that you have to spend a fortune just to be able to give your baby nursery that beautiful look.

Here are a few ways you can cut cost while decorating your baby nursery beautifully.

Keep it simple and personal

Simplicity is always beautiful, elegant and classy. Don’t choke the room with different items or multi-colored accessories. Keep it really simple. The color white or a light shade of teal is a classy and trending way to go with nurseries. It gives the room an airy and spacious feel. Add personal effects like pictures of the baby scan on the wall, beautiful pregnancy photos etc for that personalized feel.

You could make do with some fairly used items

You might be tempted to buy every thing in your baby nursery brand new, thereby setting your wallet back. However, not all items should be brand new. Items like rocking chair, changing table, and even baby cot can be bought in an almost new condition. There are online stores that specialize in the sales of fairly used baby items.

 Buy a multipurpose baby cot

This is a great idea. Babies outgrow so many things in the twinkle of an eye. It is best to buy a convertible baby cot that can work as a toddler bed when your baby grows up, which comes all too fast. They could be pricier than the regular baby cot, but they are well worth the extra charge.

 Be resourceful

Thinking outside the box can save you some extra cost when setting up your baby nursery. Look around the house for items that can be reused in the nursery. That old table with drawers lying idle in the store can serve as a good changing table and you can store the baby clothes in the drawers. You might just need a little repainting to bring the shine and beauty back. Just before you go baby shopping, make sure you have explored this cost-friendly option.

 Get creative with paint

You can add spark and excitement to the walls of your baby nursery by treating it to the touch of premium paint like Crown Trade. The good news is that you can achieve your magic with just a little portion, invariably saving money in the process. Use the paint in a fun and unexpected ways to add drama, creativity, and playfulness to your design. You can create beautiful and child-friendly patterns on the walls and ceiling. It might be hard work, but the end result is a beautiful, baby nursery within your budget.

Be ‘crafty’

Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Don’t also get carried away with them and then blow through your budget. So, if you are feeling creative, try making your own wall craft by drawing up or painting a beautiful picture of a furry animal and then hang at a focal point in the room. Crown Trade has a wide variety of paints that will readily amplify and give vent to your creativity, and they come in so many color options. If you are into knitting, you could whip up a beautiful statement piece blanket that can be hung on the cot or serve as an armrest for the rocking chair.




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