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How Sandtex Helped Me Design My Baby’s Nursery

Last month I just got a very strong urge to organize as much as I can before my baby arrives in December. Yes, I know you are asking why I would wait until I am 7 months pregnant before organizing my nursery but my main dilemma has been choosing the best color for my baby’s nursery. I don’t know the sex of my baby yet, I want to be surprised and find out when I deliver so I would want a color that would fit both boys and girls.

I want to be able to create a beautiful nursery that my kids would be proud of and he or she would be able to grow into. I also don’t want to have to paint their room every month or year and everyone knows that kids can be very messy. After talking it over with my husband and friends, everybody thought painting the room a neutral color like grey would fit either a boy or a girl. It would also give me room to decorate the room with different colors when buying items.

The next thing on my agenda was finding which paint brand would fit my baby’s nursery and would last for a long time. I also wanted to make sure that with the grey color, the room would not end up too dark.

I decided to go to the Sandtex Experience Centre because it is a trusted brand and that was the paint our painter recommended when we were painting our house and we have loved it ever since. Imagine my surprise when I found out that Sandtex has a paint called Sandtex Satin that is not only of premium quality but it is also washable and it won’t flake.

The customer service officer that attended to me really put me at rest. She showed me the Sandtex color wheel and told me I could have any color I wanted. This calmed my fear of my picking a color too dark for the nursery. She showed my their color wheel and said I could request for whatever color I want and they would make it for me. I couldn’t believe that I can get this type of service in Nigeria. I ended up choosing a beautiful shade of grey called Magic Spell from the color chart.

My baby’s nursery is coming in beautifully, I am due any moment now and I am glad I chose Sandtex, I even wrote on the wall to test the washing theory out, lol, and it is definitely true. I would advise everyone to use Sandtex Paints.



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