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Discover Colours That Can Ease Your Stress!

Certain colors, with their allure and beauty, have got the power to ease your stress and make your office or the rooms in your home feel so comfortable. Irrespective of the size of your room, the color you choose can make it feel intimate or soothing; color can make all the difference. Experts believe that the choice of colors can tie a room together and finish off a look. Also, it influences emotions, which could range from peace to anger. Do you want to create a serene environment that can help you stay calm and feel at ease? Here is a range of colors that can help you achieve that.

Light Yellow


This colour is associated with the lemon, cleanliness, and freshness. Experts believe that having the wrong shade of yellow can signal busy-ness, sickness and even trigger headaches. On the other hand, the right shade can create a lively, energetic and happy environment. Research shows that pale yellows that resemble custards are calming colours that are perfect for your rooms which needs a little brightness. The right shade of yellow will make your room appear more spacious and give it that calmness you deserve.


This is a stress-reducing colour that is light, soothing and pleasing to the eye. It can lighten up a room and give it that calm effect. Experts regard pink as a softer tone of red that is associated with youth, friendship and love. So, if you are thinking of having an alternative to red for your home or office, pink is the colour, and it has a more soothing effect.

Soft Gray

This type of stress-free colour is a few shades darker than white. Painting your room only white, while it seems clean, can create a feeling of emptiness, loneliness, and coldness. So, it is advised you add gray to your white to create a stress-reducing colour that can warm up the walls to create a more comfortable feeling. Using this colour for your home or office can surely help you reduce stress and anxiety.


According to research, blue is the most impactful stress-reducing colour, and that’s because it is associated with the sky and ocean. The sky and ocean are elements of nature, which are also associated with depth, faith, and peace. Experts in colour psychology assert that some shades of blue are considered stressful colours in relation to food. Although it has the ability to form a relaxing colour scheme, it is advised that you do not paint your dining rooms and kitchens with any shade of blue, as it is the most unappealing colour to the brain, when it comes to food. Apart from these considerations, blue ultimately gives you the feel of peace and calmness.


This stress-reducing colour is a light purple that applies to a flower that bears the same name. According to experts, this colour is associated with aromatherapy, healing, and yoga. It has the stability of blue and energy of red. While it creates a calming feel, it is also considered a cool colour. Moreover, it can be absorbed into warmer tones through carpets and beddings, which contributes to its ability to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Tan can be described as a pale tone of brown. It is a soft shade that creates a feeling of comfort and warmth. Even right in a dimly lit room, it mimics the warm glow of a candlelight. Research shows that the tan colour is one of the many earth tones that create a relaxing and inviting environment in a living room. Pairing this colour with wood elements will create a natural and comforting space that you will certainly enjoy.

Olive Green

Research has shown that green is the colour of nature and is associated with relaxation. The Olive green gives your room a calming and peaceful effect. It is suitable for your living room because the green brings about freshness and harmony to the room, most especially when you gather or entertain guests. It is a calming colour for your walls and can create a natural space that will help you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Do you always feel stressed out at home and at work? The colours in your home or office space might not be helping matters. Give your walls a makeover with the above colours, and be sure to create a more ‘peaceful’ and relaxing space that can help you ease off. Wondering how you can source the right shades of these colours, Sandtex Paints, with its stock of over 15, 000 colours, can help you make a choice that’s perfect for you when you visit any of our Experience Centres.



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