After moving into our new home which was painted with SandtexPaints, we started trying for a baby.

This is not a story about how to make a baby; rather it’s a story about how we discovered the 3 colour schemes in decorating.  We wanted to paint our bedroom so, we looked at the three colour schemes:

Monochromatic Colour Scheme

A Monochromatic Colour Scheme is the only one of the colour schemes to use tints, tones and shades within the same hue or colour family.

Tints are the colours you get when you apply white to a pure colour.

Tones are the colours you get when you apply black and white to a pure colour.

Shades are the colours you get when you apply black to a pure colour.

It is a colour scheme that works with tints, tones and shades of a specific colour like blue or red.

Analogous Colour Scheme

An Analogous Colour Scheme is a colour scheme which applies three colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel.

If you use this colour scheme, proportion is important to ensure that your space feels balanced.

Let the colour scheme be shared in 60, 30 and 10 % proportions. However you can still use this colour scheme if you choose to go with an overall neutral colour for your room.



                                      Complimentary Colour Scheme

A Complementary Colour Scheme is a colour scheme that applies two colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel.


One colour acts as a dominant colour being very prominent in a room while the other acts as an accent manifesting itself in the pillows and artwork.


These two colours that are contrasting bring a lot of energy to your room, so use them in small doses or add neutral colours to them.



These colour schemes were introduced to us during our visit to the Sandtex Experience Centre.


There we bought 20 litres of Sandtex satin in a light shade of red which cost us N37,043.20 including a value added tax of 7.5 %.

The colour scheme we chose to go with was the monochromatic colour scheme and we were going to focus on the colour red. We chose this colour scheme because of the concept of using different shades of a colour. Another reason why we made this choice is enhances overall vitality. It’s a good thing SandtexPaints offered us a range of colours to choose from.  We hired a contractor to do the job for us. In the end, everything looked great. Pictures of the new bedroom were taken and posted on social media attracting a lot of attention.

Shortly after this, my wife announced the good news to me. She was pregnant.

That’s our Sandtex story.

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