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Easy Steps to Fixing Those Wall Cracks By Yourself

What comes to your mind when you see a wall crack? It is probably the image of a soon-to-collapse building.Contrary to what you might think of wall cracks, not all cracks are the same. Cracks are caused by various factors. One of the very common types is the expansion crack. It is often caused by the effect of a change in the moisture and temperature of a building, leading to an expansion or contraction of the wall.

This type of crack often has no effect on the foundation of the building but could lead to problems in the future as these openings often allow rainwater into the wall, which will in turn, weaken the structure and lead to a sudden collapse.

Though expansion cracks might seem insignificantly dangerous, the sight of them on the wall often disrupts the beauty of the space, giving them an old and dilapidated look.

How then can we get rid of tiny cracks? It is recommended that these cracks be filled up, to block leakages and preserve the structure. With this in mind, here are quick steps to repairing cracks on your wall.

Check the depth

how to repair wall cracks

Start by checking the depth of the crack. The depth should give you an idea of what type of crack you are dealing with. You might want to leave it for a professional if it is really deep or you are not comfortable with handling it. Use a 3-inch nail to measure the depth of the crack. If it is not too deep, proceed to the next step.

Cover valuables

Cover and protect your furniture and valuables from dust and any other type of smear. Don’t add to the issue you are about to settle. Protect your valuables with some old papers or clothes that can be easily discarded. Don’t attempt the I-will-be-careful way!

 how to repair wall cracks

Prepare the cement mixture

 how to repair crack wall

Mix sand, cement and water in a bowl until they are smooth. This process might not be a thorough as what is done during the main building process – discard that brick-making image. Cement is essential for the covering of cracks. Be sure to mix the amount of sand and water appropriate to the quantity of the cement i.e. a handful of cement with a handful of sand and a little water that helps make a thick paste.


Apply to the opening

 how to repair crack walls-sandtex

Apply cement with a putty knife or brickwork trowel on the cracked area and smoothen. Ensure that the cement enters deep into the crack. It is expected to fill and not just cover.

Leave to dry for about a day or more depending on the weather – you don’t want to take chances with all the hard work you have done.

When the cement is fully dried, you will need to give it that perfect touch. Don’t leave your wall looking unpainted; make your walls come alive with Sandtex Trowel paints.

how to repair cracks in the wall with sandtex paint

The Sandtex Trowel paint is perfect for a decorative interior and exterior finish, as it is made of special aggregates to ensure a lasting beauty on surfaces. It is weather and fire proof, with a durability of 10 – 25 years.  Also Read Colour 101- Psychology of Colour Pink  How to Save on Your Painting Job  Easy Steps To Cleaning Your Paints  Tips To Choosing Perfect Paint Color

There you have it! Your house can always look as good as new with these tips.


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