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Easy Steps To Painting Your Wall By Yourself

If you wish to paint your walls all by yourself, this DIY piece is just for you! Yes, we know painting is a skill and might come out pretty difficult to a first timer. But, you should easily work through your first attempt with these outlined easy steps.

The first step to doing your painting by yourself is to determine the space you want to paint. Secondly, you should chose the paint brand you want to use and the colour of the paint. Then, you need to know the tools to be used.

At this point, it is important to note that the space of the wall you’ve chosen to paint will determine the amount of paint to be used. An interesting fact is that you can cover a good space with a little amount of the Sandtex range of paints. Information on the size of paint fit for your different spaces is available at different Sandtex Experience Center.

Ensure you have the following if you are yet to buy painting tools:

  • Protective Tapes
  • Wall Sponge and Duster
  • Drop Cloths
  • Paint Tray
  • Paint Rollers
  • House Ladder
  • Small Brushes

Steps To Achieving Your Desired Result (Set 1)

  • Cover furniture, floors and any other item within the space to avoid smearing them with paint.
  • Secondly, scrape off the old paints if need be and dust the wall clean.
  • Thirdly, use your protective tape to cover the wall edges that you do not want to paint to avoid having a messy work
  • Then, use a wall primer to prime the walls. Wall primers are readily available at paint shops. They help create a good foundation for your painting, giving the wall an even and enhanced tone. Ensure you use a wall primer that is a tone of the paint colour you want to use. Better still, use white or grey wall primers. Allow the primer to dry for about an hour before you start painting.

Steps To Achieving Your Desired Result (Set 2)

  • After the steps above, add the paint. By now, you should have determined the type and the quantity of paint to be used. Pour some into your paint tray. Dip your paint rollers into the paint in the paint tray and roll it, ensuring that all the sides touch the paint.
  • Then, use the W-technique to paint the wall from the top. Roll the paint rollers over the wall like you are writing ‘W’, from left to right, without lifting the roller. Do this till you fully complete the whole wall space. Ensure that every section of the wall is well covered with paint. You might want to give the wall a second coating. Don’t be tempted to use a chair or table. A house ladder will be most appropriate for the job.
  • Use a thin brush to paint the edges of the wall and on the trim of the protective tape. Do not wait for the paint to dry before taking out the tape to avoid some paint coming off with the tape. As you finish painting the trim, take out the tape as soon.

Voila! You have successfully done your first wall painting. To avoid making a mess of your painting or furniture, ensure you take out leftover paints and brushes.

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