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Essential Time Saving Tips

Essential Time Saving Tips For Your Wall Painting

Painting your home to give it a fresh look can be tedious and time consuming without the proper preparation. Instinctively, most people would hire some one else to get the job done because it is time saving, or keep wishing they had the time to do it themselves. But, whether you love to do the painting yourself or you prefer to hire some one for the job, here are some essential wall painting tips that are time saving and still give your home that fresh new look you desire.

 Check the place ahead of time

Check out the place or the portion of the house you intend to paint ahead of time and asses the extent of work that needs to be done, as well as the tools and materials required to execute the job. Rather than dive straight into the activity of painting, a little research on the measurement of the walls, windows and doors, would help you determine the quantity of paint that will be enough for the job and save you the time it would cost you if you get stuck on the way due to insufficient paint. This is an important part of preparation that will help you save time.

Prepare your tools ahead

Prepare your tools ahead

An assessment of the place will tell you the level of work to be done. So, you’ll need to have the necessary tools handy and in good shape before you set out for the job. You might wash old tools, replace worn out ones, or if need be, buy new tools. The idea is that no tool should be lacking once the painting project kicks off.

Paint trims last

Wall trims are designed to hide joints, or any imperfection on the wall. It’s also used as bold designs to increase the aesthetic beauty of the wall. When painting large flat surfaces of the wall, splatters of paints from the roller will definitely splash on trims. Instead of having to paint the trims all over again, the best move will be to start by painting the whole walls first; then, painting of the trims would come afterwards, when the other painted parts of the wall are dried up.

 Use a roller tray

Use a roller tray

Rollers are used for most part of painting a wall, especially on large flat surfaces. The better option away from having to dip your roller inside the paint bucket and create a mess every time you try to roll of the excess paints on the edge of the bucket, is to use a roller which allows for easy movement. A roller tray is deigned to have a smooth portion and a bumpy or rough portion, to enable you roll off the excess paint from the roller easily.

 Use paints that cover a good surface in one coat

One of the fastest way to save time while panting is to go for paints that can cover a good surface in one coat, so you don’t have to go over it again the second or third time. Sandtex Vinyl Matt Emulsion and Sandtex Satin paints are quality paints that can help you achieve a fine finish with just two coats.

 For minor cracks and uneven rendering use paints that easily achieve this

Minor cracks and uneven rendering

Some paints like the Sandtex Fine-build paint is a complete time saver; it has been designed to help you fill up minor cracks and uneven rendering while painting. So, you don’t have to spend more time to re-plaster the cracked or uneven portions of the wall before painting.

 Store wet paint roller in sealed bag if you need to step out

It’s only natural for you to want to take some time out or step out to ease yourself during the process of painting the wall. Hence, to prevent your rollers from drying out and turning stiff while you are away, save yourself the time by storing it wet in a sealed bag.

 Buy quality tools and paints

Quality Paints

Do not be tempted to think you could save money by buying cheap or low quality paints; you might end up spending more time and money on a wall that you would have otherwise finished in just one or two coats. Poor brushes, rollers and other material could get bad or broken half way before the work is done and may end up ruining your wall painting.


Mind you, these are just a few essential tips that can help you save time whenever you want to paint your walls.



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