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Find Out How Colours Can Influence Your WorkOut

Recently I started working towards my body goals before my wedding coming up next year and finding time to work out consistently has been a chore. In my quest to find out ways to be consistent and committed to reaching my goals, I found out that colours actually make a lot of impact in our workout.

Colours are said to have deep subliminal meanings that affect our thinking and rational. Research has shown that colours can affect the type of mood you are in and that you can strategically influence your mood with the colours you chose to wear each day.

Colours have also been shown to influence your workout. Examples of some colours and the influence they can have on your work out are;

Red: Red is said to be good for people that love intense workouts because it helps to get you motivated and ready to break a sweat with the most fierce workout.

Yellow: Yellow is said to boost your mood, get you energized especially on days you don’t feel like going to the gym.

Purple: This is a great colour to wear if you only have to work out at night and you need to feel calm and focused, so you can then have a sound sleep when you’re done.

Green: Green is a good colour on those days when you are feeling good or motivated because it helps you recognize how far you have come and progress you have made so far. This has really helped on those days I am not particularly feeling beautiful and just want to give up.

Blue: Blue is said to be a great colour for people that love running and need to stay calm and collected throughout the race. I don’t like running but running is good for full body workout and surprisingly wearing my blue workout clothes when running has made it somewhat bearable.

If you feel like mixing up multiple colours to achieve different results during your workout then, by all means, have fun with it and let us know what you think about colours influencing your work out.


Source: Digital Skratch, VentFitness


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