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My glam fashion house


I have been running my sewing business from my university days as a side hustle, though I now have a 9-5, i still make time for my business because man has got to secure several bags. I recently got a shop space and I was thinking of ways to decorate it to appeal to both my clients and myself. I make male outfits so a majority of my clients are males. With the help of a few friends, I was able to have the shop of my dreams. Hers’s how I went about it.





Due to the nature of what I do which is sewing, lighting is paramount. I have to be able to see clearly when threading the needle of my sewing machine and also when cutting fabrics. The last thing I want is to sew an outfit my customers will be unhappy with. For this purpose, I chose to position my sewing area close to natural light and also illuminate my shop with white halogen light bulbs. I also made sure to paint my ceiling white, so my cutting space is brighter and feels bigger.


In order to create a cozier, luxurious feeling, I decided to use mahogany desk and shelves rather than metal ones. I ensured I placed my mannequins in such a way that they were conspicuous to people passing or driving by. I also placed a small dresser just behind my mannequins but obvious enough for anyone to see. On this dresser is where I display some of the products I sell, such as Ankara, Lace and a host of other cloth materials. In addition, I threw in a set of beautiful comfy chairs to keep my customers comfortable and hung pictures of outfits I made in the past.


I chose Sandtex Colours that match my business Colours. For some of my walls, I used a bold colour like the Sandtex Jamaican Sea and subtle colours like the Sandtex Gateway Gray. I also selected the Sandtex Satin finish for a glossy look.

Decorating my tailor shop was a total delight as I enjoyed every bit of the experience and may actually consider taking interior design as a second side hustle.

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