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Check Out These Healing Attributes of Colours

Just imagine what life would be without colours. Would the flowers, trees, oceans and nature’s finest be as interesting and inspiring as they are today, if they just existed as black and white. Colours can do much more than just decorate your walls. Beyond making your walls or world look beautiful, colours have the potential to heal. Interestingly, there are healing attributes of colours.

With colours, you can create the perfect mood for any situation, which is one of the many reasons to appreciate the art of painting.

A good painting is one that is done to suit a particular space and the purpose for which it was created. Research shows that colours have healing effects, whether they appear in form of wall paintings or as fittings in the room of an ailing person.

Bright and warm colours like orange, green, yellow, purple, blue, pink and red could come very useful to an ailing body. They portray messages of joy, happiness, love, warm, healing, hope, vitality, strength and much more.

Orange, yellow and pink are most suitable for paediatric wards and cancer patients in radiology suites. They can be used for the walls, curtains and ceilings. They help to light up the room, making it look spacious and airy against claustrophobia in patients, while reducing anxiety.

For an emergency ward or intensive care unit, green, violet and blue are not cool, but are calming and help to reduces stress. Red and yellow might not be suitable for such areas as they can stimulate energy and increase high blood pressure.

Is it often difficult for you to relax and get some rest? It is time to revamp your space. Save your heart with green or violet and enjoy a more relaxed body.

For people with eyesight issues, bright colours like yellow, red and orange and white are not often encouraged, though they have their own benefits. Try grey and lighter tones of brown for some parts of the room, to give that perfect tone.

Are there other interesting colours with therapeutic functions that you know about? Share with us in the comment section, we’d like to read from you.

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