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Here’s A Wow Way To Go Golden!

Have you ever wondered how much of the Gold colour you see when you watch a traditional Chinese film, especially when it involves royalty? Or when you go visiting someone of affluence and you see his or her stair rail plated in gold, just like his or her furniture? Indeed, the gold colour is everywhere. Even the sun is golden in colour.

The colour gold is a beautiful colour that signifies a whole lot of things. Gold in its physical state denotes wealth and prestige in all countries, culture and markets of the world. Gold can be said to be the most valuable and easily traded commodity available in world market.

Gold as a colour represents elegance, wealth, success, passion, magic wisdom and a whole lot more. Gold as the colour of the sun is an expression of the vital energy of the sun that brings light and life to all beings. Now, discover how you can infuse this beautiful colour into your home and give your home the same representation that the colour gold stands for.

Living Room

Inculcating the gold colour into the sitting room as a throw pillow, sofa, wallpaper and chandelier gives an opulent and luxurious, yet homely, cheerful and modern look to the general feel of the house.

Dining Room

For that classic feel, the gold colour can be infused in the dining room of the house. A golden tablecloth, curtains and golden candlestick will do the trick.


Introducing a golden silk bed sheet or duvet draped over the king size bed or a silk drapery in the bedroom gives an elegant and timeless feel to the room.


Metallic gold accessories give a sense of luxury and also introduce a dramatic feel to the room. Gold plated stair rail, gold doorknobs, as well as gold-plated picture frames, are details that give a luxurious accent to a room.

Metallic gold is a great colour that compliments all other colour shades well. So, do not be afraid to indulge it with other colours. When next you are choosing a beautiful colour, think gold and go golden.

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