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Hey! Matte Finishes Are On The Rise and Here’s Why

Hey! Matt Finishes Are On The Rise and Here’s Why

Choosing the right paint is beyond aesthetics and colour. There are a number of other factors, such as durability, practicality and finish, to consider. Besides these factors, there is the matter of economics to consider.  A lot about the ambience of a house definitely comes in when the choice of paint is being made. We noticed that more people are opting for matte finishes for their walls, and their reasons are not far from the following:

Hide Imperfections

There is a saying that all men are created equal, but the fact remains that some are more equal than others. So it goes for walls too. As far as wall texture goes, not every one gets the best nuance. For one, there is often a need to get your walls patched up. This brings about uneven wall texture. One of the best ways to hide cracks with paints might be through the use of matte finishes. Matte finishes soak up light, hence their low reflectivity, which provides an excellent option for hiding imperfections.

Hey! Matte Finishes Are On The Rise and Here’s Why

Cost Effective

Who says you have to break the bank to bring beauty into your home? Matte finishes are practical for living on a budget because they have more pigments than glossier options. As a result, you can cover more space with less paint! Besides, this is the easiest finish to apply by yourself if you would rather not pay a professional painter. Economical, isn’t it? Good news is that Sandtex offers your home and business spaces effective cost savings with very affordable matte options.

Space Modification

Interior decoration can be a drag with the wrong room proportion. However, much can be done with paint to transform the size of a room to suit your need. For instance, the low reflectivity of flat finishes will make the smaller walls of narrow rooms appear receding.

Hey! Matte Finishes Are On The Rise and Here’s Why


Choosing a flat finish would make your room feel cooler and less imposing. For that sleek, undisturbed look, matte is the perfect choice. It is appropriate for giving your living, guest and brand show rooms an elegant look. When combined with professionally balanced lightening, matte finishes bring finesse to your space.

For your comfort, Sandtex has a very broad colour range of over 15000 unique shades of various colours, including matte finishes. Now you can add that eclectic feel to your house, no matter how many rooms there are.

Note that matte finishes contain 0-10% sheen; hence they are not the easiest to clean. Therefore, they are most appropriate for areas of the house with less foot traffic. To increase durability, matte finishes are more suited for indoor application.


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