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Home Colour Combinations For Different Personalities

Have you ever wondered why an outgoing person would always love to wear bright colours? Could it be that there are colour combinations for different personalities? The answer is yes. Colours do not only set the tone or ambiance of a home; they also tell us about people’s personalities. So, what colour combinations best express your personality?

On record, the four temperaments theory is the oldest theory of human behaviour, often used to explain the different personality types. As such, we would be taking a tour through each of these temperaments to help you better understand the colour combinations you could use for your home to suit your personality.



Cast your mind back a little bit, you have probably met or known someone who is an enthusiast, outgoing, always in high spirit and exuding lots of energy, as well as being an optimist and a fun lover. He or she is a good example of a sanguine. Or, perhaps, you may be the sanguine yourself. For such a temperament, we recommend colours like yellow, orange, blue and green or cyan.

Yellow shares your enthusiasm and energy, it complements your strong sense of cheerfulness, while orange communicates optimism; it reminds you of how much you enjoy being around people and having fun. Cyan (Greenish-blue) is the balance you need when you want to relax; it combines the stability of green and tranquility of blue to create a relaxed ambiance.


As a Phlegmatic, you tend to be very emotional. Yet you know how to keep both extremes of your emotions under control. You are a natural peacemaker and enjoy having friends even though you contribute little or nothing to what they enjoy.

A phlegmatic is a rather passive person; though kind and sensitive, dependable as well as calm and easy-going. Grey and magenta easily match this personality, the Grey color is neither black nor white, so it is an expression of passiveness, while magenta (Purplish-red) is the color of harmony and an expression of emotional balance.

However, we advise that grey is used in very few places when painting the home so as not to create a dull ambience. Colours like yellow and orange could also be used to add some excitement and brightness.


The Choleric

A choleric is easily identified as a leader, often driven by passion and focus, he is very ambitious and given to his work. He never backs down on any challenge and succeeds easily where others fail.

When you think of a choleric what comes to mind is red, the red colour resonates more with you, if you are choleric, it’s a very decisive colour. It expresses passion and courage, as well as strong-will and intensity.

Nevertheless, for your home color combination, red should be applied in a very subtle way so as not to arouse a feeling of apprehension or danger.

As a choleric, there is a tendency of being domineering and impatient with others. So you’ll need colours that will calm you down a little bit and blue works the magic just fine. The gold colour is also a good choice, which conveys a sense of success and achievements.


A melancholy is by far the most emotionally sensitive temperament of the four. Quiet, discrete, religious, reliable, sacrificial, deliberate, orderly, analytic, idealistic, perfectionist, deep thinker, imaginative and creative, dedicated and cautious, appreciates silence and solitude etc., these are all terms associated with this personality.

Now, let’s look at the matching colours: purple gives your home a visual reflection of your imaginations and creativity. Black is unrevealing, creating an atmosphere of secretes and mystery, which is very much melancholic. Turquoise (Pale greenish-blue or Greenish-grey) on the other hand complements your clear and most times idealistic mind.

In addition, pink and silver colours emit a kind of feminine vibes; they effortlessly prompt love and childish emotions. Brown on the other hand, resonates more with the male personality. It carries a practical, sensitive and realistic appeal. It gives your home a feel of shield and safety, luxury and material wealth.

Finally, the white colour is the most used color in home decorations, especially for wall paintings. White works fine in any colour combination and easily suits any personality because it carries a feeling of wholeness and completeness.


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