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Paintbrushes to be cleaned
Paintbrushes to be cleaned

How To Professionally Clean Your Paintbrushes

As a painter, you must consider cleaning your paintbrushes as some sort of maintenance routine; the better you maintain them, the longer they last for you.  Wrong use and maintenance of this painting tool can be detrimental to your painting jobs, as there will be frequent deposits of material into the paint, some of which could affect the outcome of your work.

Most artists would rather have a box filled with paintbrushes than one filled with luxury clothes and shoes, as this will help them achieve different forms of painting. However, how well they are able to preserve them is another matter?

Are you in search of an effective way to clean your paintbrushes? This post will take you through simple DIY steps to cleaning out paint from your paintbrushes. Happy reading!

For oil based paints

After achieving that awesome painting that you are certain would last for a long time because of the oil based paint you used, what would then become of your paintbrush. If you have a habit of using fake brushes and discarding them after every job, you might not need to worry about cleaning them, but where you love quality products and care for them appropriately, you might want to try out these cleaning process for your brush after using oil based paints.

  • Wipe the brush clean with a cloth or paper towel as much as you can.
  • Dip the bristles into paint thinner (mineral spirits) and run your brush through the solvent, rubbing the sides of the bristles on the body of the container.
  • Wipe out remaining paint with a cloth.
  • Rinse in warm running water. You can gently run your fingers through the bristles to aid the cleaning. Ensure you do that gently.
  • Shake off the water and gently arrange tangled bristle. Place it to dry with the bristle facing upwards.

For water-based paints

When it comes to cleaning from paintbrushes, water based paints are easier to maneuver. They are called water based paints because they use water as their solvent and,so, can be easily cleaned with water. Follow these simple steps to clean your paintbrush off water-based paints.

  • Wipe the brush with a paper towel as much as you can
  • Run bristles through hot water and then use your fingers to gently run through tangled edges in warm running water.
  • Gently shake off water from the brush and place to dry with the bristles facing upwards.

For brushes that have been hardened with paint

Do you have brushes that are as good as useless, because they have been hardened with paints? Restore them in these easy steps

  • Pour some vinegar in a pot and place the brush in it to soak for an hour. You can leave it for another hour if the hardened bristles haven’t loosened.
  • Put the pot with the vinegar and brush on a stove to simmer for few minutes.
  • Bring out the brush to cool.
  • When cool, run your finger from the base of the bristle to the top, to loosen the hardness.
  • Rinse the bristle under warm running water. You can go over the vinegar process again if the bristles haven’t effectively straightened.

Brushes play an important role in painting and when properly maintained, a neatly finished work is inevitable. Do not leave your painting jobs to chance with poorly cleaned brushes. Ensure you clean your brushes properly.

Don’t you think your friends and colleagues will appreciate these useful tips for cleaning paintbrushes? Be the thought leader and share this piece with your contacts. We are certain they will love it.

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