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How To Save On Your Painting Job

Do you ever get to save a lot after well-done job?

Every sincere painter aims to do a perfect job. No genuine painter wants to be a second guess. With this, a lot of effort is put into a job, with the profit from that job, the second fiddle.

Saving a lot most times is a feat that is never reached, as the painter’s priority is to effectively carry out what is been expected of him.

So if people say that you have the perfectionist tendencies, don’t sweat it. It just means that you are a great painter! It is a rear skill to turn something ordinary into an illuminating comfort zone.


Always do your costing right with updated information on the price of the products and all the materials to be used. Don’t give a quote to the client in a hurry. You should take some minutes or even a day to do a good estimate so that you do not shoot yourself in the leg.

Get a good description of the type of job your client expects from you. Make no room for assumptions! Assumptions may cost you extra expenses, as you might not fully satisfy the client.



Don’t take chances! Use only good quality materials for the job. From the paints to the brushes and other mixes, go for good quality products that the client will be motivated to give a tip for a job well done.

However good the drive for your job is, don’t forget that you need to make the best out of every job. The real deal isn’t to pay less, but to get great value for your money.

To give back to loyal painters, who go for quality products and are diligent in their work, Sandtex Paint is offering all their painters rewards, in the Painter’s Promo, this season.

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It is simple! The more paint you buy, the bigger your prize gets. The good thing is that you don’t have to be in any raffle draw.  Just visit any Experience center close to you and get started.

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