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Let’s Talk About Red… Other Colours That Evoke Bright Emotions!

February is the month of Love, and it comes along with so much love and tenderness. It’s a beautiful month, a perfect time for people to make that bold statement towards their objects of admiration. While February 14 is the D Day, popularly known as Valentine’s Day, the weeks before it are spent in its anticipation, while the ones after are spent reminiscing over the things that went down on that day. Hence, the whole month is dedicated to love. It’s an emotionally intense month, you may say!

While it affords many the opportunity to express love and demonstrate care for the less privileged in society, it also witnesses a good dose of negative emotions from some who may lose out in the love game. In all this, one colour takes the greatest shine – Red, the colour of love.

But then, red is also the colour of danger. Indeed, colours evoke different emotions, and when you understand them, you are able to use them to your advantage. While some evoke a feeling of joy, others evoke desire. Below are some colours and the emotions they evoke. Enjoy!


Still on red, most people will agree that colour red evokes the emotion of love. But the colour is also associated with passion, desire, energy etc. In fact, it can also create an aura of danger. In all, red is a very emotionally intense colour.


In terms of emotions, colour yellow is often associated with energy, intellect, and happiness. It is the colour of sunshine and of hope. But it could have conflicting associations. While it stands for freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy, it could also represent cowardice and deceit.


Orange shares red’s energizing aspects to a safer degree. Generally playful, it could create haste and play on impulse. Since it signifies health, vitality and vibrancy, it could evoke emotions of playfulness and youthfulness.


The feeling of safety is strongly associated with the colour green. It also symbolizes freshness, harmony, growth and fertility. While Green is generally believed to have healing powers, the darker shades are commonly associated with money.


Colour blue emits the emotion of trust. It also signifies intelligence, loyalty, and wisdom. Due to its calm and serene nature, it inspires emotions of security and safety.


Colour purple has always had connotations of luxury, mystery and romance.

Most popular for depicting royalty, purple creates an air of luxury, and sometimes decadence. While the lighter shades stir up feelings of romance, the darker shades evoke a sense of mystery, creativity and sensuality.


This colour is known for its positive connotation. Most people say it is the colour of peace and purity and, yes, it is! While it is used to represent successful beginnings, it also symbolizes innocence, goodness, and light, and is considered to be the colour of perfection.


Now that you are armed with this information, why not go ahead and express yourself in a variety of colours!












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