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Love…And My Last Valentine Experience

I’ve always heard that the quality of paint has a lot to do with the final outcome of a painting job. But I never knew it could work such magic until last year’s Valentine’s Day. I had such high hopes about what was going to be the high point of that day, which was me finally getting rid of my cold feet and proposing to my girlfriend. Because I wasn’t so confident of myself, I thought it would be best to do it right in my home, alone with my girlfriend. This was what prompted the move that transformed my home – my visit to a Sandtex Experience Centre.

At the Sandtex Experience Centre, it was pretty easy.  They knew just what it would take to create the perfect ambience that I needed. My already existing painting, which was done three years ago when I moved into the accommodation, would not do any good for the day. It was just a rusty white painting; my living space certainly needed an upgrade.

From the expert tutorial I got from the Sandtex Experience Centre, I was ready to create the most magical atmosphere for my girlfriend. Did you know that gold and red could make such a beautiful combination that would transform your living space and make it look and feel like what you see in a movie set? It speaks of pure opulence and exquisite royalty, especially when it is rightly applied with a premium paint like Sandtex Paints. Since I didn’t want to take chances, I opted for the services of a professional painter who I handed a lifestyle magazine where I saw a design that thrilled me. Oh…the result was magical! It was nothing short of splendid, and by the time I added the new sofa and TV console I had purchased for my planned home makeover, not even a five star hotel would have served better. I was proud of myself.

Then, it was Valentine’s Day. Against the whooping amount of money I would have spent in making a reservation for a five-star hotel dinner, I had a sumptuous meal delivered to my apartment. I bought a diffuser with the scent of cinnamon and a tinge of vanilla underneath. The whole house smelt divine!

The red and gold hues I used in the sitting room and bedroom evoked the exact emotions I was hoping for from my girlfriend as she stepped into the house. I can’t quite describe it, but that was just what I needed to spur me on. The room lighted up a lot more, with an energizing and classy feel to it. More importantly, its allure brought out the romantic me. Believe me, I had never seen myself acting so cool, and my girlfriend loved it all the way.

The food we had at the dining section tasted exceptionally good. I followed right behind her as she excitedly followed the rose petals and scented candles trail I had lined up from the living room all the way to the bedroom. As she opened the door, the candle light setting going on in the bedroom exaggerated every single rose petal spelt into the words “Will you marry me?” displayed on the bed itself. I could hardly keep my eyes on her face, as it seemed like I was just entering the room I had created for the very first time.

The beauty of the colours was exaggerated as the candlelight bounced off of on the walls. My little bedroom looked palatial and… Need I tell you more? The answer was a ‘Yes’. Indeed, it was a perfect night, my best Valentine Day ever.

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