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Modern wall Design

Modern Wall Designs You Will Definitely Love

It is now quite boring to just paint your home with plain colors without including any wall designs. With the recent use of amazing wall designs in homes, schools and corporate environment, you can be sure that the world is becoming more beautiful.

Wall designs are beyond a general play of colors. It redefines a space. Using wall painting designs gives you the opportunity to beautify your home in your own way.

Geometric wall

Geometric wall design

Though they might look a bit serious, they give your wall a lighter and refreshing new look, fit for matured minds. For best results, blend this design with plain and simple furniture as it makes a good presence in your room.

Accent wall

Accent wall designs

If you love history and appreciate cultural effects, you might want to try out this design. Though simple, it creates a warm and welcoming presence in your home.


Wave design

Wave designs have become one of the very popular designs recently used. From simple to colorful waves, they create an artistic presence any lover of art will enjoy.


Abstract wall design

This could be any design that cannot be explained. Abstract designs are one of the very loved and preferred designs by creative painters as it gives them the opportunity to express their creativity. They often come out really beautiful.


Typograph wall design

You can actually customize your house with written text, alphabets or numbers.  Use your favorite quote or your lucky number as a design for your house. It often looks beautiful and gives the house a simple look.


Stripe wall design

We can say without doubt that stripe designs have come to stay in the world of interior decoration, as they are now available in different shapes and sizes: horizontal, vertical, slanted etc. Today, professional painters have also created more interesting ways to use stripe.


Brick wall design

This design has become one of the very popular designs widely used in homes and offices. It is quite easy to do and blends well with any environment and setting. Give your home or office a classic new look with brick designs. You will certainly love it. Learn easy steps to creating a brick design on your wall with this video.


Ombre wall design

Some may refer to this design as the water color design because it gives the feel of water color painting. Nevertheless, it is warm and classy all the same. If you love your space looking simple and natural, you might want to play around this design. Acrylic paints should help achieve this better.


Chevron wall design

Just as the name implies, it is derived from the logo of the well-known oil company, Chevron. Though simple, it looks unique when applied. It would be best for corporate environments and some areas of the living room.

As beautiful as these designs may be, you should use good quality paints to achieve them in order to appreciate the beauty of the design for a longer time. If you do decide to use these beautiful wall deigns, here are some time saving tips for you. Click here to view our range of products available in all regular colors.



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