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Notable Colour Trends Of 2017

2017 has been a great year. Filled with new, bold and daring inventions, notable color trends especially in the world of home painting. Right? People are beginning to get flexible and ‘playful’ with color and the end result has been worth the effort.

Now, before the year runs out, it will be nice to take a look at some color themes that made beautiful statements in the course of 2017.

Dark Colours

The year 2017 saw many dusky, dark and dramatic colors in use. Colours like deep purple and dark blue were inculcated more into many living rooms, and even bathroom areas, as against being the popular choice for formal dining rooms. Gone are the days of the monotonous white and grey wall paints with white ceilings. Dark colored walls paired with modern white imagery or minimalist round mirrors accented with metallic frames made for interesting displays in 2017.

Magenta or Purple


This year saw a lot of bright and bold colors in interior painting and decoration. Bright colors, if not properly infused in house painting and decoration, can be messy, giving that ‘over the top’ look that is repelling, and nobody likes that. However, Magenta or Purple, although bold and striking and formerly uncommon, is now the go-to color for that modern, sophisticated vibe. When paired with gold accessories such as a crystal and gold chandelier, candlestick, or mirror, it gives that royal and elegant feel to the living room or bedroom space. This color theme was quite popular in 2017.

Aqua Themed Décor

Light blue-green or transitional colors shone greatly in the year 2017. These pretty hues come to life when used as a backdrop for layering and for complementing other colors in furniture and decoration. As with neutral colors, they make people feel calm and comfortable. In 2017, creativity was infused into these colors and, amazingly, they did not give a bland feel.

Indeed, 2017 has been an interesting year in terms of house painting, and we cannot wait to see the direction color and personal taste will swing to come 2018!


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