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Oooh… I Love These Sandtex Colours!
Beautiful Sandtex color chairs on the beach

Oooh… I Love These Sandtex Colours!

The beach is one of my favourite places and… really, why shouldn’t it be. The feel of sand between your toes, the peaceful atmosphere, waves crashing on the shore, the sun, the opportunity to wear a new bikini, beach parties and the stunning view… I could go on and on. My first beach experience was when I was six and, ever since I clocked eighteen, I have made it a habit to visit a beach, at least, once in two months. I love outdoor events… I don’t like staying cooped in all day. So, I am who you will call an outdoor person.

After my last trip to the beach, I fell ill. I had diarrhoea and cough for about three weeks. It was a really awful experience. Imagine stooling consecutively and coughing continuously. This, according to my doctor, was caused by Cryptosporidium, a.k.a crypto, a parasitic organism that I caught at the beach, which enslaved me for three weeks. After recovering, I looked like a shadow of myself. I had lost several pounds and, for the first time in my adult life, I took a break from the beach. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but the fear of crypto made the decision easier. So, I concentrated on other outdoor events and, although I still yearned for the beach, the fear of my ugly experience kept me from attempting such a trip. But I sure had the opportunity of some work related trips.

Oooh… I Love These Sandtex Colours!
Beautiful orange umbrella

On getting back from one of such work trips, Folake, my roommate, was waiting for me in front of the house, which was very weird. She had this look of excitement in her eyes and I was immediately wary because when she’s excited like this, it’s either she has some long gist for me or something unusual has happened. I was certainly not in the mood to join in her enthusiasm or ask why she was excited. I figured she would tell me when she couldn’t hold it any longer. So, on getting inside, she was literarily jumping (“What is wrong with this girl?”). I kept ignoring her and made a move to sit down in the sitting room. She didn’t allow me sit; instead, she kept herding me in the direction of my room. At this junction, I just had to ask, “Folake, are you alright? This one you are this excited, oya, talk, I’m listening.” She didn’t answer me… she kept herding me towards the direction of my room. On stepping in, I couldn’t recognise my room; it had been completely transformed. “Oooh… I love these colours!” It was an expression of everything I loved about the beach. My room has been transformed to a beach themed bedroom, a mixture of “Off White”, “Sand Dune” and “Sunlit Sea”, with my bed now facing a stunning beach mural and cane furniture that accentuated the make-over.


“OMG! Who did this?”

“How did you manage to pull this off?”

Oooh… I Love These Sandtex Colours!

“Well… Adekunle, Nina, Tamarrah and I decided to surprise you, since you haven’t been to the beach for a while. We didn’t have a clue as to what to do, but we knew a beach-themed room would wow you. So, I suggested we visit a Sandtex Experience Centre. Based on their advice and suggestions, we came up with this.”  I was so excited that I hugged Folake in a way I had never done before. Then, I hurriedly picked up my phone to call Adekunle, my bae, and my bossom pals, Nina and Tamarrah. Soon, ‘Operation Sleep Over’ plans started in earnest. I can now wake up to the view of the beach each morning; thanks to the awesome people I am privileged to call friends!

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